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Why Your Own e-Commerce Store is More Advantageous than Marketplaces?

When you want to venture out with a promising proposition, the first and foremost thing which should strike your mind is growth. You want to make your investment grow manifolds with the passage of time. Now, these days, the competition has become tougher and tougher, you have to come up with the right idea to make sure that you are the ultimate force in the market to be reckoned for in the first place. When you have decided to sell the products and services from a physical store, in that case, you cannot reach to a larger chunk of audience. Your store would have a limited reach within the proximity of its operation. You can have a different radius within which you can promulgate and create the market for your product, but these days the demand has turned global. You must be well equipped to adhere to such demands, else you will be completely wiped out from the market. In this piece, you will come to know why selling at your own store would be more beneficial than e-Commerce market place.

Little Investment

During the initial stages, as a business you have to earn maximum profits and reinvest those profits into expanding your organization. When you run your products on e-Commerce market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, you will have to give them commission. Giving them commission would inflate the prices of the commodities and reduce its competitiveness. But, you can make things work better through your own e-Commerce store, you can create your own inventory system and keep the prices of the goods competitive.

Restrictive Terms and Conditions

There are different terms and conditions which govern the sale of the goods on e-Commerce market place. Most of these terms and conditions may act like a deterrent for the customers. It is important for you that as a business, you can drive away the inefficiencies and create your own e-Commerce store. When you can create your own e-Commerce store, there would be favorable terms and conditions which would encourage your sales and growth. As a business which wants to grow, it is important that it is able to incorporate the right condition to make the business grow exponentially.


Most of the market places are governed by limitations like purchase quantity, purchase order, but when you have your own e-Commerce website, you can create unlimited options to make sure that maximum customers are able to visit your e-Commerce website and get the right products which the want to better their lives.

Less Profit

The profit margin which you can earn from market-store would be lower as compared to your own website. You can earn more brownie points with your own e-Commerce store.

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