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Why You Should Pay Attention to online Reviews to Grow Your Business?

The habit of consumption of goods and services by the consumer is changing thick and fast. They are no longer attuned to the perception created by fascinating advertisements or flowery marketing gimmicks. Their parameters of judging the product and services have changed dramatically. Now-a-days, before buying any product or services, word-of-mouth-referral or product reviews matter a lot. As far as rationality is concerned, the word-of-mouth-referral has limited reach, but product review has a wider market to entice the consumers to buy a product or avail a service. As an e-Commerce business, if your goods and services have been applauded by the consumers then it can double fold your sales and returns. Take a look at few of the fascinating facts about product reviews and why you should provision the reviewing of products by the customers in your marketing strategy.

On an average, 80% of the consumers review products online

You must be awe-struck to look at the numbers, but the idea was not to make you numb with numbers; however, you cannot rule out the effect of product reviews in your marketing mantra. Most of the business are resorting to online management through Online Reputation Management (ORM) mechanics effective posting of the product reviews on different reviewing platforms.

70% of the consumers trust the opinions of other consumers

Just imagine the clout of this chunk. Most of the consumers post product reviews online and based on their experience about the services or consumption of the product, other potential consumers resort to the goods and services. As an e-Commerce business, when you open your business to reviews, there is a greater possibility of turning more leads against your product and service.

Negative Reviews Are Enough to Make the Consumers Divert away from your website

Like positive reviews can build your business, the negative reviews can decimate the business. As an e-Commerce business, when you have a lot of negative reviews about your product and services. It is advisable to run an ORM campaign. With a positive ORM campaign, the business can bounce back and get those customers which have deviated from your product and services. Positive reviews would control the customer churning.

68% of the Consumers Trust the Reviews when they are un-biased

Just imagine a scenario when you see only positive reviews about the product which you want to purchase. In the first place, you will not believe any of them. When you want to incorporate reviews in your marketing strategy, it is advisable to take a balanced approach and have both positive and negative reviews in your marketing strategy.

With all these given facts it would be easy to revamp you’re next marketing strategy and deploy online reviews as an effective instrument to increase your sales and profit.

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