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Why Get a Barcode Scanner for Your Point of Sale System?

With newer technologies being integrated into business houses, every retail shop is updating itself with the latest technologies. One of the many technologies that are introduced in a retail store is a Point Of Sales billing software or simply known as POS. POS is a system that offers add on features as well like a barcode scanner. A barcode scanner is a device that can be your ultimate productivity booster. Given are some of the advantages of using a barcode scanner.

  • Speeds up the billing process for the customer.
  • One can easily change the price of any item without any hassle.
  • With the barcode, you can keep a track of your inventory, as it will alert you in case of low stock.

A barcode has given away the utility of a manual cash register and the best part of having a barcode scanner attached to your POS device is the automatic updating of the stock. This saves ample of time and energy. With the utilisation of barcode, there has been a decrease in manual counting of stock and has completely given away any possibilities of human errors.

Bountiful Utilisation of Point of Sale in Small Business Houses
There are many advantages of using a barcode scanner in a small business house. Scanning an item for billing is not the only utilisation of a barcode scanner as many other things can be performed through the device. It can be used for tracking payments and undertake accounting functionalities. Apart from the conventional billing system, a barcode can be used in the following ways:

  • Keep a count of the office and warehouse equipment through regular scanning
  • Stay alert of the item whereabouts and keep track of shoplifting
  • Keeping track of any equipment that is regularly used in different parts of the warehouse

Characteristics of Barcode Scanner that is Apt for the Small-Scale Business Houses
There are several features of a barcode scanner that makes it stand out from the rest of the devices compatible with a POS device when used in a small business house.

  • Can be installed effectively in a business house that indulges in selling products
  • It is effective in places where it deals with ample stock
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Analyse multiple store billing trough one admin panel
  • Can be used with multiple partners and third-party clients

Understand How a Barcode Scanner Works
Before starting to use a barcode scanner, one needs to know how exactly it works. A barcode is made out of equally spaced blocks that have various numbers between 0 to 9. A block is further divided into a section of seven vertical strips that you will find to be either black or white. The black or white strip represents a single digit. For instance, the number ‘1’ is represented with two white stripes followed by a black strip.

It might look easy, but it is not. A single barcode is a combination of multiple black and white strips that stores a lot of information. A single barcode has three specific information like:

  • The country from where the product was issued.
  • The manufacturer of the item.
  • The product itself.

What do You Need to Check before Getting a POS Barcode Scanner?
The most common type of barcode scanner that is widely accepted is the hand-held wand. In this wand, there is a red LED light that needs to be directed towards to product and the barcode pattern gets reflected back to the receiving panel that is installed with photoelectric cells situated inside the wand.

The POS system can generate barcodes automatically after all the essential information about a product is input in the POS device. A barcode can inscribe every detail of an item like the size, price, shape, colour, ID, category, manufacturer, warranty etc. of the item.

Summing Up
As a business house, you should never leave any stone unturned when it comes to accentuating your business. A barcode along with your POS billing system will help you retain customers for a long time. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about the process.

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