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Why Cartface Is Better than Other Shopping Site Building Platforms

Standing in an age when the definition of business has spontaneously included the word ‘online’, the necessity of developing e-store has become almost mandatory to ensure a better sales. Even a decade ago setting up a business was a ‘costly and risky decision’. But, the online world has made it simpler and more budget-friendly for the entrepreneurs with introduction of lots of efficient alternatives. And Cartface is probably the youngest yet powerful among its competitors.


However, it is a fact that there are several trusted channels online where you can build a shopping site on your own without hiring expensive website developers. Then why do people suddenly started shifting to Cartface? Is it just because of the low cost? Or are there some other valid advantages too? Let’s dig into the matter for the future entrepreneurs who are planning for a startup without much investment.


Easy to Setup

Cartface isn’t the only platform that provides huge number of compelling features and functions. But, if you compare the ease of creating an account and process of launching a website without a pro knowledge, Cartface would definitely win the race. The Control Panel (cPanel) of Cartface is very user-friendly and provides detailed guidance and thus any novice can create their shopping website within minutes with every feature they want. Whereas mostly the cPanel of those popular brands looks little bit techy and isn’t easy to handle for non-developers.


Theme Maturity

Again Cartface beats its competitors with its simple, attractive and clean themes which has been proved its high efficiency to convert visitors into customers successfully. If you check the conversion rate of visitors among these platforms, you will find that the bounce rate on other platforms is remarkably higher than Cartface.


Conversion Features and Functions

Every business wants to increase their sales. But, when you come to the online platform, your tools are the ultimate friends to make it happen. When you create DIY websites, you have no option other than depending upon the features provided by them. Though every platform has their own set of proven features, Cartface offers these at a relatively low price and you can always add some new features by paying little more.



When you launch an online shopping store, you can’t compromise with the security as thousands of people enter their banking details for payment and so, offering them a secure platform is your responsibility. While Cartface offers high security with 256 bit SSL encryption method to offer you solid protection from cyber threats, there are shopping site builders who claim extra charge for that.



By launching a free website under a DIY website builder, you get a subdomain and so your data are stored in a shared server. Thanks to the neat and clean coding and lightweight themes of Cartface that provides you a lightning fast platform even if you are using their free subscription. However, if you upgrade to their paid scheme, you can have your own custom domain name with a better speed, good bandwidth and extra visitor limit and may be minor personalised theme design as well.


To sum up, we must say that Cartface is highly SEO friendly and thus you don’t have to spend money on On-Page tasks. Just give it a try and let us know your own experience.

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