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2017 is going to be highly disruptive in nature with the introduction of new technology and ideas. Innovation would be the catch word in IT and IT enabled sectors. With the surmounting pressure exerted by the innovation, it would be very important to strike the right chord with the introduction of new technology and products. If you are tech pundit and you want to find out the evolving product concepts of 2017, you are at the right place and in the right time.

Liquid Phone Case

You are always concerned about the safety and security of the phone. Your phone is your most trusted partner. You rely on your phone for navigation, socializing, entertainment and pastime. So, you would always wish to make it highly protected. The jelly like liquid phone case would ensure optimized protection along with fascinating display. The back side of the cover would be filled with liquid which moves when there is any movement happening with the phone. This enable the display to turn color and glittery substance in the cover often glows.

Waterproof Phone Case

Often a lot of phones are damaged due to water permeability. The phones are completely damaged due to their non-impervious nature. These waterproof phone cases can give a new vitality to the phones. These covers are tested up to a stipulated level of water penetration. This way, the phone users can easily carry these phone cases and protect their phone from water damage. The anti-water resistant feature enables the users to swim while taking the phone along with them in the swimming pool.

Bluetooth Speakers

The world is turning wireless and so should be your habits of listening to the music. The Bluetooth speakers can be installed at any nook and cranny of your house and you don’t need wires to make them work. Just connect it to Bluetooth devices like your phone or computer and enjoy the jazz on the go. Make your home musical anytime, any moment.

Fairy Lights

For those home enthusiasts who want to fabricate their houses with fascinating interiors, the fairy lights are the best way to give a charming ambience to the house. You can decorate the house with these lightning systems and they would definitely make the interiors captivating. Fairy lights can also be used as a gifting option. This festive season, gift a fairy light and make your loved ones feel special.

Enamel Pins

Are a fashionable person? Do you want to innovate with your backpacks and clothes? These enamel pins are vibrant and they can be used to attach the logos and designs on your bag and clothes as and when required. You can jumpstart the fashion trends with these enamel pins easily at home. The benefits of these pins are cost saving and customization. You can customize the fashion trends with logos and patches.

Rechargeable Lighters

You don’t have to be bothered about the gas bills anymore when you want to light your cigarette. The rechargeable lighter has redefined the habit of smoking. These lighters are powered by lithium ion batteries. You can easily carry and charge this lighter as and when required. You can redefine the smoking habits with these lighters. They are almost a replica of car’s cigarette lighter.

Dad Hats

Dad hats have resurrected the use of hats these days. They have brought the fashion of hats in the mainstream once again. You can easily customize the hat designs using the Printful aps. These dad hats would redefine the fashion trends and give a new makeover to you this spring.

Smart Fitness Watch

Apple watches have redefined the use of watch for time telling and other purpose, but these smart fine watches do another job as well—fitness teller. They would help you evaluate your daily calorie burns, heart palpitation measurement. These unique functionalities have certainly taken fitness enthusiasts to a new horizon.

Power banks

Powers banks proliferation has reached a new high with more and more Android users resorting to gaming on their phones. Temple Run, Pokemon Go are top games to dominate the market these days. These games consume a lot of battery, the users want a quick fix for this problem. Powers banks have evolved as an on-demand solution to handle these problems effectively.

Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoals are very effective to fix the skin issues. It is an essential ingredient to lighten the skin tone. Most of the celebrities are resorting to the charcoal face mask to optimize their skin shades. It is effective to fix skin problems instantly.

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