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Website Immunization Tips for Novice Developers to Ensure Better Security & Performance

Have you recently developed a website using a free theme or website builder software? I know how much effort you might have given to complete the task without a professional help; you deserve a pat on the back.


At the same time, I can assume that even though you are seriously excited, you are not well satisfied with the final product. Well, don’t be upset. You have definitely made a great job without any development experience (probably). We are here to help you improve performance and security of your new website just like the websites that you had followed. Follow the guides mentioned below.


Security Plugin

Hackers stay awake overnight to target such websites developed by unprofessional hands. They use the security loopholes to attack these sites, mess the code, delete the database and place some irritating message on the homepage. Don’t worry! Simply find and install some robust login protector so that you can prevent unwanted robot login attempts. Customize it and set to block IP which fails to attempt login for a certain time, say 3.


Database Security

While unprofessional developers spend a lot of time improving the website’s front end, they hardly bother about the database – the lifeblood of the website. This is the sweetest target of hackers. The first mistake the website owners do, is leaving the generic DB name untouched which can be easily assumed by most of the hackers with least knowledge. So, your first task would be renaming the generic DB name. But, be very careful – any mistake can make your website ‘dead’. So, before you start, make a good research on the steps or simply consult with an expert. Also take backup of the DB every time you make a major change in the website so that you can restore your website to an earlier stage in case of any data loss.


SEO Plugin

Search on the internet and you will get several popular SEO plugin for your particular technology (WordPress, Magento, PHP etc.). Install it in your website following the method described on their webpage and make your website search engine friendly. These plugins would help you to fix most of the major on-page issues so that it get counted by the search engines easily. Also install Google analytics for a better information on your website’s performance.


Spam Protector

Spammers are everywhere to pack your DB with lots of spam comments for their own benefit. So, install a spam protector in your website and keep it neat and clean. It takes just a few minutes to install; but is highly useful to deter those robots.

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