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Ways to Sell Your Vintage Collections online

Summary: Vintage collectibles have strong demand and you can sell them efficiently when you know the basics of it.

Have you ever seen Rolls Royce car on the roads quite frequently, perhaps, you might not nod your head with an affirmative gesture. Rolls Royce is a vintage car and only few have got the opportunity to sport it on the road. But those who are having this vintage car have a reputation to sport. The same goes with clothing and apparel, when you have the vintage cloths, you are looked upon differently. Vintage cloths have a different sewing style and they have a different class which is so captivating and different. Fashion has been changing at a faster rate but few of the styles which were prevalent back then in the 70’s have resonated again in the minds of the customers. These styles have been demanded in the market and if you wish to sell any of them, in that case, you must know the ways which can help you achieve your goal. This blog will help you sell your vintage collection online.

Redefine the Niche

Vintage clothing will have a different niche market. Not everyone would be interested in the vintage clothing. You need to think accordingly and act subsequently. You will have to create a niche on your offerings as well. When you are focusing on the items representing a different decade, segmentation will help you in the best possible ways. For example, you can pick evening wear, athletic wear, designer and couture. When you are focusing on your offering, it will have a lasting impression on the audience. When you are selling your vintage collection, it is important that you have been focusing on the following aspects:

  • Style: The style will redefine the demand. When you are able to understand the designs and play on the aesthetics, it will have a lasting impression on the audience. Striking shades have a different impression on the audience and it will help them to pick their choices easily.
  • Limited Niche: At the time of defining your niche, you must take into consideration the demand-supply equation. You must establish a good link with your sources when you want to serve the most vintage collection dating back to the 30’s to the customers.
  • Saturation: Considering the market response will always put you on the edge. If most of the shops or online stores have been doing the same thing, it will lead to saturation. It is advisable that you have done your research properly before venturing out.
  • Trend Analysis: Trend analysis can help you make the first sale happen and keep the sales rolling. Season trends, celebrity preferences will make the vintage collection desirable.

Sourcing the Vintage Collection

You have to understand your sources properly and accordingly you can go ahead with the plan. When you have done a proper analytical research about the market and accordingly you have planned the ways to serve your collections on the platter of the customers, it will have a better response.

How to do that?

Pick the Right Days: Holiday season, weekends and public holidays may have more visitors at your store. Most of the stores have resorted to stocking their items and putting it on display on specific days. You will have to think in the same manner. It can have a better impact.

Plan out The Move: You can share your requirement to the vintage collection providers.

Inspection: At the time of buying the vintage collection for sales from the sources, you must carefully inspect the items and accordingly pick up the collectibles.

Stuffs: Know your stuffs in advance and accordingly you must plan the move.

Storage and Inventory

When you are selling vintage items, it is important that you have kept them properly in the storage facilities. Vintage items are high valued goods and collectibles, any damage done could abysmally devalue the items. To keep the items in workable and acceptable condition, you must follow these stipulated guidelines.

Climate Controlled: Vintage items are rare commodities and they are susceptible to damage and destruction. With temperature and humidity controlled environment, you can easily preserve the commodities.

Away from Light: Direct sunlight may damage the beauty of the product. You must keep the products away from direct sunlight.

Organized: You have to stack the stocks in an organized manner. Proper sorting of the offerings will help you to manage the

Cleaning and Repair

At the time of selling the vintage items, you need to understand that vintage items are old collectibles and the customers would be ready to buy them online only when they are in the right condition. To clean the vintage collectibles for sales, it is important to resort to the following steps:

  • Follow the care instructions. In case if the care instructions are missing, you must analyze the product and accordingly attach a care instruction with the product.
  • In case if the item is not clean, cloth steamers are there which can help you clean your products, in case they are associated to the apparel industry.
  • Hand-wash and stain removal can help you make your products new and vibrant.
  • A good drycleaner can help you clean the clothes. Pick reliable ones as if they damage the cloth while it is being cleaned, it will reduce its value.
  • A reputed tailor on whom you can trust upon can help you deal with broken buttons and zips. This could be simpler and easier to make the product saleable.

Photographs of the Product

Customers would be assessing the products based on their appearance. When you are offering the vintage products at your store, you will have to present them in the best way possible. Use a DSLR camera or other high resolution camera to take the photos. The photographs should be candid and you must give the customers the opportunity to zoom in and zoom out at the time of looking at the products. This will help them analyze the product from a 360 degree angle. Most of the customers are willing to buy the products on the online store only when they are able to have a 360 degree view.

Setting up The Store

Once you have collected all the essential vintage items, you must present them at your store. You will have to buy a domain, create an online store, integrate the payment gateway and add the product images on the store. Creating the product pages will give a segmented touch to the store. At the same time, you can also incorporate FAQs section to the store to clarify the doubts which might emerge in the fray.

Product Pages

The product pages must be carefully planned and integrated. You must redefine the sizes as they may vary with the collectibles. For example, a collection dating back to 1930’s or 1940’s may have a different size. So, you need to assess this hassle and accordingly categorize them as per the prevailing sizes which are in the trend at the moment.

Pricing the Collectibles

Vintage collectibles have a higher demand and subsequently you need to fix the prices accordingly. You can fix the prices based on rarity, age, wearablity, demand, trends and brand. It would be simpler to fix the price once you have assessed the price of acquiring the products from the source, shipping charges, marketing and advertising charges and your profit.

Marketing and Advertisement

Last but not the least thing which you should be doing is the marketing and advertisement. You need to educate the customers about the product and its offerings. Resorting to social media could be the best possible way which you should consider. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and sharing videos on YouTube will have a lasting impact on the sales and business expansion.

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