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Ways to Make Your Product Description the USP for Your First Sale?

In the past, the buying habits of the consumers depended on the word of mouth publicity, if one person has purchased a product and he/she is aptly satisfied then he/she would turn out to be an effective marketer, thereby, aligning other customers to purchase the product. This was the practice of the past, but presently, the buying habits of the consumers has become well wired. By well wired, I mean, they are aptly connected with the web whenever they want product ideas and feedbacks. Most of the consumers adequately rely on the reviews to judge the efficiency of the product. If the reviews pertaining to the product is positive, it will have a positive impact on the sales, on the contrary, if the reviews are negative, the consumers might not be willing to go for that product. When 80% of the consumers are researching about the products online, you wouldn’t like to alienate such a chunk by a negative review. But, it is not just the reviews which would define unprecedented sales, but also the right product description. If you are able to give the crux of the product in a concise and clear manner, it would satisfy the consumers and they would be willing to go for the product. If you have both good reviews and an effective product description, in that case, you can instantly give jumpstart to your sales.

But, you must know the nuances of writing a good product description, this piece will help you get an insight about how to write effective product descriptions.

Define the Buyer

The main purpose of the description is to make the sale happen. You must know your target audience in the best possible way. You have to take a calculated anticipated step to make the selling look easier and effective. You can achieve this pursuit by analyzing the customer’s preferences. You have to conduct an in-depth research which would facilitate knowing the customer adequately. You will have to understand which websites are frequently visited by the targeted customers.  How they are making the decision pertaining to the purchase of the products, which tonality they like about the product. You will have to understand their language preferences and the tone which they prefer the most. With all these insights, you can easily create an engaging product description.

Summarization of the Features and Benefits

When you are writing the product description, make certain that you are carefully planning the description. Include the benefits and features in pointers, if you are writing in an essay form, it will not be able to attract the customers or visitors. You need to make things simple and captivating. Including the bullet points pertaining to the features and benefits would help the customer to better comprehend the efficiency of the product.

Tone of Voice

Monotony is convicted of murdering the interest. The statement is true and binding, a monotonous tone would discourage the customers from reading any further about the product. If you are planning to sell the product, it is important that you include a tinge of humor. You must not be blowing your own trumpet, rather, be humble and speak about the differences you can make in their lives through your product. If your content is speaking to the readers, you will have a better traffic on your e-commerce store. It is advisable therefore to take a precautionary step while drafting the descriptions. Keep them jazzy and informal for better connectivity with the customers.

Skimming Content

On an average, the customers or visitors read only 16% of the content. Nobody these days has the time and energy to spend on reading long contents. You must make sure that your content is skimmable. The better the customers are able to skim through the content, the more effective would be the outcome. Including sub-heading, bulleted points would help the customers to have an informative and satisfactory experience whenever they are visiting your website.

Create a Draft

It is of paramount importance to create a good draft before you finally go online. You must make the content persuasive and comprehendible. You have to analyze the product and bring the value out of it. At times, you might have an expensive product, it would have a different niche. You will have to make a persuasive content enunciating the benefits and advantages which the customers can get from it. Make the draft fascinating and crisp to attract more targeted traffic.

Improvised Editing

Once you are done with the description, make sure that you have sent the final copy for editing and analysis. Use the second person “you” more often in the product description, rather than, I and we. It will create a better interpersonal relationship with the customers. You must not use tough words in the description. Make the description short and simple, it should be such that even a third-grader would be able to comprehend what it wants to say.

Optimize the Content

The search bots are looking for relevant keywords and phrases. Google algorithm is pretty tacky and you must create the description in such a manner where it adheres to the standards set by Google. When the description can be easily crawled by the Google bots, it would help your website get relevant organic searches, thereby, improving the prospect of your e-commerce store.

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