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Visual Hierarchies to Tempt Customers for Maximum Conversion at the Store

Summary: Top ways define the way how your web store would look. In this blog, you will come to know how to make the web-store vibrant through image placement.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”—this saying is extremely plausible when you are dealing in the e-commerce realm. The e-commerce realm is all about beautification of the store, organized visuals and fascinating designs. Ponder once over Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, why have these platforms emerged successfully, it is owing to their designs and attractive website. You can do the same with your business as well. In this blog, you will come to know about few visual hierarchy designs which you can use on your website.

Color Contrast

Color is the most essential element on the web-store. Bright and vibrant colors can invoke the interest and compel the visitors to go to a particular section on the store. The dominant colors which you can consider for this purpose is red and black. Whereas other colors like white and beige are consider as dim colors. Supposedly, if you have created a call-to-action button on the store, with a red or black color on a white background, it will attract more attention. At the same time, you need to understand the business and accordingly plan the colors which you use on the web store. For those businesses which are dealing in food items and perishable goods, they red is the color which they can use to help increase the appetite and boost the desire. The colors have psychological implications and upon consulting with experts, you can easily pick the right color which can make your store captivating.

You can also use colors as a way to highlight important information like discounts, offers and other incentives which can attract the customers to land on those sections.

Playing with the Size

According to MDF Advertising Agency, 67% of the online shoppers would consider the image quality before making the purchase. At the time of running the e-commerce store, you need to understand that customers are not able to physically examine the product. They would believe what they see, therefore, it is important that you are serving the best images on their platter. Not only this, optimized zoom in and zoom out action will also play an important role. The customers will like to have a comprehensive look on the product and with the zoom features, this can be achieved. As a store owner, you can also categorize the product based on their hits. To turn competitive in the market, you will have to analyze the market and know the products which have been turning the roulette in the market. You can present such products on the home page in big image format. This will help the consumers to better understand the products which they want to buy.

Better Spacing

You need to understand that why a black image on a white background appeals more to the eyes. This is done through collective visualization and proper placement. At the time of getting the website designed, you have to understand this concept. You need to give ample space between the product images. Most of the times you might have seen that call-to-action has been given a separate space on the website. This is because it can connect better with the customers and they would be eager to click once they are able to find it. Most of the times, you can use the negative spacing to balance the screen layout and it will have a tremendous amount of impact on the store.

Make the Website Scannable

Most of the visitors have come to your store just to check it out. They will not be there to read the entire content. You have to understand that by giving them the opportunity to customize their view, you can add better conversion rate at the store. Known as the scanning pattern, you can design your website complying with the said pattern which can help the customers to easily view different sections at one go. Displaying the images in the form of “F” word, the reading behavior of the customers would be catered to. This way they can see adjacent images and know more about the products. You can also use the “Z” pattern on the store which would help keep the navigation menu on the top followed by other features given down below. This is also an attractive way through which you can make the website scannable.

Rhythmic Illusion

You will have to create a rhythmic illusion and subsequently you will have to break the illusion. Most of the visitors on your store will see a different pattern on your store and accordingly they will adjust their view. But you can work upon the surprise element and break their rhythm at a co-inciding point. To better explain this trend, when the visitors are going through different section, if they have seen that a section has 5 sub-section, whereas, in other section, if you include 2 sub-section only, you can use the empty space to give some other valuable information. The visitors will certainly gaze anticipating that the section has more points in it, but they will not find that. You can add discounts or other valuable information to generate more likes and better views.

Animated Landscape

You can also go ahead with animated designs when all the techniques have failed abysmally. The animation is the best way which can help you attract the visitors and make them know about your store. You can either pick the static videos or animation or auto-play ones. You need to understand that you have to act in compliance with the customers preferences. Most of the times, they might be annoyed by a video which plays automatically. You will have to carefully take your chances.

Blurring Technique

Last but not the least, you can go with the blurring technique where you can show just a part of the image and hide the rest for more clicks. You will have to remove the fine details and give pleasant virtual tour on the store. You will have to analyze the hot areas on the store and where the customers are more likely to gaze. You can include the Call-to-Action on such areas and they will certainly pay. Such techniques can help you get maximum hits and allow you to make your store organized and captivating.

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