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Tricks to Collect Great Review from Your Shopping Cart Customers

Aren’t you getting enough feedback from your customers regarding your products? It can deter new customers. Read this blog on how to provoke your existing customers and crowd your website with lots of ratings and reviews.


Regardless of quality, price and others invaluable services that you provide, ‘proof of satisfaction’ matters a lot. Yes, we are saying about the customer’s feedback on your site. And the bitter truth is people take the burden of submitting their review only when they have a complaint.


So, it’s your part what strategy you develop to motivate the happy customers to share their valuable feedback and help you create a stout reputation in the market. Got puzzled, right? Worry not! We have some tricks that will help you get good review from those lazy customers and flag your website as ‘trustworthy’ to new customers.


Planning for some fake review? No, never do that! Google has very strong algorithm to trace them easily and we never would recommend to take the risk of upsetting Google. You should think several times before proceeding with this plan.


Instead, you can try these effective yet simple methods suggested by our experts.


Take In-Mail Review

It’s an old-school method to send mails to buyers and ask them to visit the site to submit their review. But, most of the customers are too lazy to take the step and submit their review. So, it’s better you create a simple and prominent HTML template, where the customers can submit their feedback without signing into their shopping site account. Contact your website vendor and they will create such templates for you. It’s better to provide them both ‘rating’ and ‘comment’ option separately, not making both mandatory.


IVR Rating Collection

It’s very effective method; but little lengthy. Create some Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls and relay them to your buyers. Make sure to make different calls for multiple purchases with proper declaration of which product you are asking them to rate. Now, just link these feedbacks with your website and collect the ratings. No need to explain that it’s little expensive for small and medium shopping sites.


In-Account Rating System

It’s a great system where a client would be insisted to submit their review about the product that they have recently purchased. You can create some automated popups which will be shown to the customer as soon as they log into their account after successful delivery of a product. It has been proved as great tool for many shopping sites and thus you also can plan to utilise this function.


SMS Reminder

It is one of the most traditional and low cost methods. Thought it doesn’t have a great response rate, still, you can get some reviews through this. Simply create an enticing message with a shortened link of your product review page and ask your customer to leave their valuable feedback on the product.

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