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Top Platforms To Make Your Turn Productive for the Market

Summary: To end up being productive, you can always rely on the following platforms mentioned in this blog to learn more about the skills in demand.

Skills can always put you ahead in the times. With the onset of the IT age in India, there has been a continuous demand of skilled workers in India. The demand has switched to different niche but few skills have always been marketable in nature. With little time spared on IT skills, you can easily end up learning a lot. IT boom in India has also given fuel to the fire for the need of skilled workers in this domain. If you wish to carve out your name in the demand of skilled workers in India, in that case, you can easily partner with few of the brands to learn everything about the skills which can be marketable in the near future.

Top Places to Learn Marketable Skills

Skills are not confined rather they are contagious. You can learn something and teach the same thing to the next person and it carries so on. If you want to master in programming language, new business discipline and graphic design, these five sources which are mentioned below can help you in a big way.


At the Codecademy, you tend to get simple yet beneficial exercises on HTLM and other programing principles, you are always going to turn into a skilled citizen of the nation. In the Codecademy courses, you will get to learn about HTML, at the same time, you can also convert this language into JavaScript and Python exercises.

Academic Earth

Get the chance to associate with Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell and MIT. In case if you have planned to roll at the Academic Earth, you will not just get a program with which you can make yourself job ready, but also associate with a brand. Most of the aspiring programmers have been benefitted from the courses availed at Academic Earth.


With a vivid range of subjects spanning with 150+ free demo classes, you can always learn something new the moment you are enrolled in this platform. To sell yourself in style, you need to have the best courses to support all your need.


With hands on design and illustration, it is the best platform where you can get to learn a lot of possibilities with respect to the new changes.

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