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Top e-Commerce Trends of 2017 To Overhaul Your e-Commerce Store

As a physical store owner, you might have certainly reached an impasse on the sales and expansion. If you are wondering why, perhaps, you have not wired yourself properly then. The age has been redefined by unprecedented technological advancements. The buying trends and consumption habits of the people are changing at the speed of light. You need the right solution to take your business to a new level. With an e-commerce store, you can instantly redefine the prospect of your business. But, if you wish to take your business to the e-commerce platform, you need to know the latest trends which would dominate the fray of 2017. Take a look at this piece and ensure that you are adhering to the standard paradigm.

Digital Payment

When you are switching from your physical store to online e-commerce store, you need to facilitate seamless payment processing mechanism. When the customers are seeking the right products, and once they are able to grab them, the first thing of concern is the payment. With the right payment gateway, you can invoke the trust level among the customers. Payment platforms like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal have facilitated smart payment options. You don’t need any card or pin, you can seamlessly pay instantly and get holistic shopping experience. When you convert your store, make sure that payment gateway has been paid an undivided attention.

Fast Delivery

The world would be faster, even faster than the “Flash”. Such an unprecedented swiftness would compel the customers to opt for quick deliverables. As an e-commerce store, you have to partner with those shipping agents who would provide instantaneous transfers. Precision of delivery would be an added USP this year in the e-Commerce market. You have to raise your standards to survive this fall.

Personalization is the Key

Personalization would be the ultimate key to succeed in the ever challenging cut-throat competition on the e-Commerce platform. The customers have already tasted this experience by the likes of Amazon and Netflix. So, you have to infuse the personification in the fray. You have to run a targeted campaign for your e-commerce store. Artificial Intelligence would be the game changer this year. As an e-Commerce store owner, you have to flex your muscles analyzing the visitor’s behavior and preferences and based on those insights, you will have to develop and implement the strategies.

Customer Loyalty

You will have to incentivize the customers if you wish to grow exponentially this fiscal. Incentivization would be the ultimate key to growth and expansion. On an average, 49% of the customers have willfully surrendered to switching brands, if provided incentives on the purchase. You will have to induct more of coupons and discounts, if you wish to survive this fall. With incentivization like low shipping cost and coupons, you can easily make the most from the investment.

Proliferation of Omni-channels

Brick and mortar shops have been rendered as outcasts, with the proliferation of the e-commerce store, television ads, phone ordering and social commerce have widened the gap between the customers and effective marketing. Since this would reduce the brand image, you need to counter-attack this gap and fill them with effective informationalization. With multichannel wish list and real-time stock information, the dampening brand image can be effectively catered.

Mobile Sales

Mobile would be the new trend which would influence the sales dynamics. Most of the e-Commerce marketer have forecasted that integrated responsive websites, content management, smooth buying interface and better mobile searches would fuel the marketing mechanism. As an e-commerce business, you will have to provide such websites which would be compatible across all screen sizes. This would be the ultimate gateway to make the sales happen thick and fast.

Chatbots to Takeover Sales Experience

Artificial Intelligence would be the eureka moment for e-Commerce in 2017. The e-Commerce store owners would bring the brand image into the picture through effective communication. The Chatbots would help the customers to get the referrals and understand the product dynamics. Queries, placing orders, product information would be communicated through the Chatbots. This would make the selling experience vibrant and connective with the customers and prospective buyers.


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