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Top e-Commerce Payment Gateways To Choose For Your e-Commerce Store

Most of the customers these days have resorted to the e-commerce store to purchase the products, they have found this option seamless and effective. The effectiveness of e-Commerce store can be realized from the advantages it offers. As a customer, you can instantly get to pick from an assorted array of products and get them delivered to your address without any hassle. You don’t have to venture out, face the sun or rain when you want to buy any product of your choice. Such is the influence of the e-commerce store in the lives of the customers. But, often the customers are apprehensive about the payment. At times, they might think that fraudsters are preying on them and they would instantly siphon out the cash when they want to opt for the purchase. Hence, it is of paramount importance to assure the customers that they can have a safe and seamless buying experience whenever they are buying from your e-commerce store. This piece will help you pick the best payment gateways which you can easily integrate on your e-commerce website.


This payment gateway was founded in the year 1996 and ever since then, it has been driving away all the complexities and bringing hassle free payment experience for the customers. The effectiveness of this payment gateway can be proved from its effective users. More than 4,00,000 e-Commerce stores have positively integrated this payment processing gateway to kick start their sales and facilitate quicker growth rate.


Proliferation of PayPal is not hidden from the common eye. PayPal at present is the most widely used payment gateway to be integrated in the e-Commerce business module. The free use experience has been given to the buyers, but the store owners have to pay for the service. For safe and effective way to make the payment, PayPal is an effective platform to be relied upon.


Another top platform to choose from is The charges for this platform is pretty much normal. They may range between 25%-1% based on the limit and nature of the transaction. As an e-commerce store, you can easily pick this e-commerce payment gateway and give a new and improved sheen to your e-commerce store. Inc.

For over 15 years in a row, is effectively serving 196 countries by providing safe and secure platform for credit card and debit card payment. The fee costs comparatively lower than other e-Commerce payment gateways. The fascination of the e-commerce store with this payment gateway is pretty much upfront and upbeat due to no monthly or setup charges. As a business, you can easily integrate these payment gateways to give a new dynamism to your e-Commerce store.

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