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Top Attractive e-Commerce Website Designs to Choose From?

When you are designing your e-Commerce website, it is important to note that you have used attractive designs on your website. As customers are always looking for the most vibrant visuals, so when you have integrated attractive designs on your e-Commerce website, it is certain to drive the traffic and make the customers always look forward to your e-Commerce website for the purchase. But, while you have been planning to integrate attractive designs, you must know various web designs which you can incorporate to your store. Take into account the following attractive designs which you can choose for your store.


Subtle animated feature would make the store vibrant and captivating for the customers. With DryBar, you can create such designs which can hover over the options. Animated features would help the customer’s easy pick up the right product. The interactive design is one of the most vibrant aspect which you can use on your e-Commerce website.


Grid placement of the images are such that it would make the customers stick to your website. The whitespace layouts and simple image contents enable the store owner to play with the images and give a vibrant touch to the website to make the business store captivating.

Bill Blass

As an e-Commerce store owner, you would like to make the interface of your website simplified. The Bill Blass website design enables the store owner to create one uniform platform where you can integrate maximum products. You can create a different approach instantly for your store through these web designs.

Practical Man

Bold layout, color palette and sober designs would certainly attract the customers to your store. With Practical Man website design, you can achieve this impossible pursuit. The main aim of this design is to give the customers attractive and distinctive interface whenever they are landing on your website. With Practical Man, you can be assured that customers would get an attractive interface and vibrant shopping options to choose from.


Optimal use of the photography is the USP of this design. You can create a tranquil view for the customers through the Press design. Black and white chequered grid enable the store owner to pick a contrasting vision for maximum impact on the customers. The striking grid view allows the customers to glide, doodle and sail across the entire website with flamboyance.

Book Apart

Book Apart is another smart attractive design option which you can use for your e-Commerce store. This design uses vivid display to make the customers land on your e-Commerce store. BookApart is simple, yet it has the power to attract the customers because of its simplicity and bright display of the information.

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