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Top Apps To Make Your Apparel Store Functional?

The buying habits of the consumers have changed over a period of time. Back then, the consumers used to buy from a brick and mortar shop, but now-a-days, they have turned more and more tech savvy. They have resorted to the mobile phones and tablets to check the latest trends. The buying habits have been influenced by the trends and most of the shopping sites like Flipkart, Shop-clues have given them new avenues to opt out for purchase. As an apparel seller, you have to understand that to sell your garments, it is important that you are going online. But merely creating a website is not the key to success, rather, you have to think out of the box and bring more functionality at your e-commerce. There are few apps which can help you innovate and make your store functional. There are few apps which can help the customers to enjoy out-of-the=box shopping experience whenever they are landing at your store. Make sure that you have integrated them with your store for maximum resonance.


Payment options must be thoughtful and friendlier. When you are starting your e-Commerce store, you need a greater utility. With the help of safe and secure platform, you can easily attract the customers to your store. Easy paying options through both credit and debit card can help the customers to always feel safe and hassle-free whenever they are shopping at your store.

Back in Stock Notification

Most of the times due to incentivization and new trends some stocks may get exhausted. The consumers have declared their penchant for such products by the reviews and ratings. But when they are not able to get those products, they may churn. But when you have back in stock notification, the store can instantly send a notification mail or message summarizing the return of the stock and you can easily opt for the purchase. This way you can make the customers stick to your store even when the products are not in stock. This is the best way to engage the customers and make the most from the store.

Purchase Quantity Limit

When you want to increase the traffic on your store, many discounts and offers can help you achieve the impossible. But customers are always eager to indulge in unethical practices and you need to keep restraint to such happenings. With the purchase quantity limit, you can easily limit the purchase by the same user and this can help you get more customers in the pipeline.

Shipping and Invoice

The shipping and invoice must be segregated in such a manner that the customers are able to find out the money which they have to pay in order to procure an order. With the help of the right apps, the bill can be easily broken down into parts to help the customers get the true nature of the purchase and the expenses which they have to incur.

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