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Top 14 Strategies on Facebook Which Would Increase Your Sales during Holidays

Facebook has become an unprecedented platform for not just socializing but also for promotion and marketing. No matter whether it is an election campaign or simply the sale of goods and services, the platform Facebook can swing the roulette at any point of time. As an e-Commerce company, you cannot make your business detached from this platform. The stakes it can bring for your business cannot be numbered. But whenever you have planned some strategies to market your product for improving the sales, you need to pay heed to some aspects. Facebook ads have global reach, the click-through-rate stands at 0.6% of the global users of Facebook. You can say that Facebook would be the third most populous country after India and China, if considered one, you can imagine the difference it can generate in the business.

By now, you must be aware of the clout of Facebook and the advantage it can wield for your business, but when you want to post your ad on Facebook, make sure that you keep in mind these 14 strategies.

On an average, every Facebook user spend 50 minutes out of the 24 hours daily on Facebook. This timing surpasses during holiday season. In this time of New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving, as a business entrepreneur, you would like to make the most from this Holiday season, so you can incorporate the following trends to make your advertising captivating and yielding.

  1. An Era of Video Content

People are more fancied by thee videos than by blogs and write-ups. The lives of the people have turned faster and they have less time to be spent on reading materials. With the videos, the average turnout would improve.

An Example illustrates the effect of these ads.

Ads through Blog

Amount Spent Link Clicks CPC
$500 100 $5


Ads through Video

Amount spent Link Clicks CPC
$500 2000 $.25


This table illustrates that video ads have a much larger impact on the viewers and consumers as compared to ads through blogs and write-ups.

  1. Remarketing with the present customers

Video ads are very costly and it might bore a larger hole in the pocket of the business owner. During the holiday months like in November and December, the cost of marketing may rise. One can easily market the business among the present customers with engaging blogs. With more informative blogs and releases, the consumers would be engaged and refer the same to other clients.

  1. Make the Pixels Customized

Pixels will seek the right audience and they are the best weapon for the business in its arsenal. The pixels will pursue the right customers and fetch them the right results based on the account history, website metrics and pixel traffic. The pixels will understand your business and when relevant events are broadcasted then they would seek your business ads to the relevant customers.

  1. Build Your Email List

Often you might have seen that different websites have a column wherein you have to provide your credentials like name, address, and email ID. The purpose of this exercise is to maximize the reach through virtual platform. The most fascinating way is through captivating contents. The subscribers can easily download the content and you can run the ads on those contents. This exercise is more budget friendly than Facebook ads.

  1. Calculate the life time of the email

The main purpose of the collection of the emails is to convert them into prospective buyers. As an e-commerce business, you must know the value of the emails collected and the convertible share owing to such emails. To help you figure out the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the Email, let us illustrate you through an example.


LTV = Total value of the product sold to the email list /Total number of emails Collected

If an email is worth $50 in its entire life and you are willing to pay $10 per conversion. This would mean that you have to pay $10 per conversion.

  1. Right Objective for the Right Channel

The campaigns on Facebook are classified into two categories:

  • Lead Ads
  • Website Conversion

Both these categories have different budget and different objective. The purpose of the lead ads is to cater to the users who are using mobile to access Facebook, whereas, for website conversion, it performs better on laptop and desktops.

  1. Budgetary Increase

Campaigning on Facebook is all about the budget, the more you infuse the funds the better would be the prospect of the ads to get converted into real sale. When you increase your daily budget, Facebook would create the scenario for more Call-to-Action by the consumers. During the holiday seasons, it is more likely that maximum people would hit the social sites for interaction and it is during that time when you can garner maximum business for your product and services.

  1. Dynamic Product Ad

Ads can perform optimally only when they are catered to the right people at the right time. When you broadcast your ads on Facebook, Facebook would take the initiative generate ads based on the people’s action and preferences. Through these dynamic product ads, the Holiday sale of the business can increase to 44% in Click-through-Rate.  The cost per click is also lowered to 77%.  At the same time, the Cost per Action is lowered to 74%. Dynamic product ads are easy to handle and they do not require any specified technical knowledge.

  1. Create a Product Catalogue

Product attributes can be listed in an XML and CSV file to make the ads more appealing. The bottom-line of this practice would be auto-population of your ads with name, landing page URL and Image URL.  When you have done this then you can easily captivate the visitor to open the website for more hits.

  1. Modify or Setup the Pixels

The product ids, product reviews and added to cart and purchased commodity needs to be modified. You can customize and regulate the pixels to make it more vibrant and captivating for the customers. Facebook’s developer guide can help you install your pixels correctly.

  1. Ad Template Setup

With a customized add template, you can include innumerable products which you offer. The ads can be run on the template to generate sales and clicks.

  1. Optimize the ads according to the device

Just imagine how a desktop ad would reflect on a mobile screen. The visitors would not be able to make out the head and tail of the ad. Make sure that you have optimized the ads according to the device for a better response. In fact, the research reflects that more people access Facebook on mobile. So, you must be ready as a business to cater to them.

  1. Event based Targeting

In this style of promotion, the ads which you have chosen for your website would be broadcasted on Facebook based on any relevant event. During the holiday seasons, the customers are in joyous mood and they are ready to attend an event or go for shopping. Facebook would cater to such niche and give them the right ads to help grow the business of its clients.

  1. Local Awareness Campaign

Local awareness campaign is a smart way to market your goods and products within the vicinity of the local audience. The ads would cover the local market and Facebook would evaluate the login of the users and broadcast them such ads which are relevant to their region. This would create better conversion rates and improve the sales pitch.

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