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To Turn The Traffic Into Leads Is Difficult? How To Crack This Code-Find Out Now

The core of the competency lies in the data and many businesses these days are resorting to the data analytics as an effective gateway to plan their future course of action. The importance of data cannot be ruled out when you want to evaluate the trends, understand the disruptions and check the customer behavior. As an e-Commerce enterprise, you would value the customers, you are running after how they are responding to the brands. How they have been changing their preferences with exposure and knowledge about relevant products. Even advertisement and marketing also dramatically influences the choice of the product. This way it is very much hard to sustain in the competition, but with data analytics, you can always edge past the competitors. If you want to scale up the prospects, in that case, you can incorporate the following methods to your future strategies.

Google Analytics

It is very difficult to please the customer, but with the right approach you can easily win them. Through the Google analytics, you can easily monitor the organic direct, social and referral traffic. Google also helps the store owner to understand how the customers have reacted when they have landed on the store. They might have seen different advertisements and different products, based on their preferences and behavior, they might respond accordingly, Google tracks every heck of it to give you a clear picture.

Landing Page Traffic

Narrowing down the traffic to pages is a tough pursuit. It is increasingly difficult to find out which landing pages are experiencing maximum footfall and which are not in the competition. This can help you understand the bounce rates and engaging contents. When you are aware of the pages which are performing well and which are not, proper arrangements can be made to better the prospects of the failing ones.


You have to first understand the audience and accordingly you have to plan out the action. There are many categorization given for the search analytic. The visitors can be refined based on their age, gender, preferences. This can help you make your strategies dynamic since affinity categories are there in the Google analytics add category which can help serve the products through ads on the platter of the right audience. With the right approach, you can easily make every effort count. The time spent on content marketing, paid marketing, tonality can be effectively fructified with the right approach.


For brick and mortar stores, it is important to understand the preferences of the customers locally. To improve the marketing efforts, you need to personally reach out to the customers. With the help of newsletters, local ad purchases and local mark-up data used on your HTML site, you can easily scale up the prospects. You can also walk the extra-mile by adding your store to the local search listings like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. This can easily help you get maximum targeted traffic. For the businesses who are wishing to scale up the venture, understanding the customers can easily help them take their businesses to the next level.

In-page Analytics

Whenever visitors are landing on your website, they perform different activities. When you have integrated the visual representation, the user’s activities would be effectively tracked. This can help you figure out the most clicked and least clicked areas. This can also help you understand how after restructuring the traffic on the website has changed. This way you can effectively recreate the traffic on your website.

Google Search Console

Reviewing the websites and understanding the grey areas can help you improvise and better manage the page content to increase the traffic and leads. With the help of data analytics, impressions and click-through can be easily assessed. One can easily understand the keyword competition. Not only this, the store owner can also know the ways how the search engines have reacted to the reaches and which areas they have found relevant with respect to the searches.

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