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To Make The Customer Stick To Your Store is Difficult—This is how we make the difficult happen?

Summary: Recreating an environment where your existing customers are benefitted can lead to better customer generation and more sales.

Getting a new customer is all about flexing every bit of the muscle to get the sales rolling. But it is always advisable that you make the existing customers always stat stuck with your store. The customers are always dynamic and in order to make them stick to your store, it is important that you have gone with a loyalty program which has been planned in such a manner to attract the maximum customers.

Here is how you should proceed with the loyalty program?

Decision on the parameter on which the reward point would be based

Most of the times the e-commerce businesses have to be attuned towards incentivizing the customers based on their purchases. But, other realms have to be approached at the same time and necessary steps must be taken forthwith. You can reward the customers based on:

  • Account Registration
  • Referrals
  • Birthday
  • Facebook Likes
  • Instagram Followers

Decision on the choice of the name of the loyalty program

Loyalty program can best work when they are tailored in such a manner where the customers can better relate with it and they are able to recognize your brand from any vantage point. You can give your loyalty program a name which is both fascinating and meaningful. Do not get swayed with fabrication, but monotony must also be reckoned. When you have named the program based on their traits, it will have a different appeal and appearance level.

Decision of the point value

Decision based on the purchases can well define the value of the points won. When you have set a definite value of the points based on which the customers can claim the benefits, it will help them to get always associated with the store. Value back loyalty program would be the best possible option based on which you can build your store.

Fair Points on the investment

You need to understand that rewarding the points is all about investment. If you are giving 5$ discount on the purchase, you have been investing in that customers. In such times, you must evaluate how the returns will roll over when the customer has been benefitted with such fair points. You can incentivize the customers with referral bonuses. Most of the customers are hooked up with the store when they have got the necessary benefits at the point of getting to shop at the store. When you have given them the opportunity to shop at your store and avail the benefits at the same time. They would be willing and happy to recommend others about your own business.

Creation of Explanatory Pages

At your store, it is very much important to note that you have created an explanatory column where you can share important guidelines and feedbacks with the customers. The customers will not be happy if they don’t know how to get the benefits while shopping at your store. When you have included the explanatory information on the website where they can learn how to claim the benefit, they will recommend others to visit your store and it can help you get additional benefits.

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