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Tips to Sustain Your Business for Physical Storeowners during Coronavirus Outbreak

Just before the onset of the new year 2020, the Wuhan city in China declared that it has detected a new phenomenon that is similar to the common cold but still has new features. Later it was discovered to be Coronavirus, a family of SARS and MERS. Within a few weeks, it took the shape of a crisis in Wuhan and by end of 2019; the virus had spread far and wide infecting numerous people worldwide.

The problem is not limited to people being infected but in the due course, governments of many countries were compelled to shut down the entire country or parts of it. This affected the economy and business owners as well. Big and small, all kinds of businesses faced severe blow as they came to a standstill.

So, how can you protect your business from the crisis and sustain the lockout period? Read on to know some of the tips to sustain in the challenging time. These are some of the practical tips for your business during the Coronavirus or COVID 19 outbreak.

Planning BCP or Business Continuity Plan during COVID 19
In case you don’t know what is a Business Continuity Plan or BCP, this is planning done for a business house to prevent itself from any crisis or threats. This plan will look at the situation of the employees, assets and look further on how to overcome the difficult phase in the least time.

When you are undertaking a BCP amid COVID 19 outbreak, your plan should include ways to protect your staffs, preventive measures to restrict transmitting of disease, safe place for quarantined employees; and think for alternative ways to serve customers, get supplies and keep your business functional.

Start a Food Delivery System if Possible
If you are witnessing a sharp fall in your business, this is the time to gear up and start a temporary food delivery system is situation permits. With cities being locked down and restrictions imposed over people’s movement opening a food delivery business will be a great idea.

People are spending more time on social media now as they are not supposed to go out. Hence, advertise and promote your business over social media sites to get most views. You can also collaborate with the food delivery chains like Foodpanda, Zomato or Swiggy to deliver your food.

You can also start your own delivery system with some of the staffs presently working with you.

Opt for Contactless Payments
Banknotes are doubted to spread COVID 19 disease and hence opting for contactless payment methods will be a suitable option. In India, there are numerous ways to pay without physical cash. Bank’s apps are used widely for any form of transaction, payWave feature in most of the recent cards doesn’t have to touch the POS or card swiping device and the payment can be done, e-wallet platforms like Airtel Money, GPay and Paytm have also made shopping easy.

Using a POS System that Sells Online
Restrictions imposed on people movement means less of going out. This also means a physical shop will be seeing less number of footfall. Malls are already shut so if you own a shop in a mall, your business has come to a halt. Opt for a POS system that sells online. You can contact Cartface Technologies to device ways to sell online through a POS system. The advanced POS systems are built with both online and offline selling facility. The best part of having this kind of facility is that you can sync your products remotely and get the exact sales figures. You can also let your customers know about the status of their orders through SMS or email.

Run Customer Loyalty Programs and Promotional Offers
Small and large business houses that don’t sell essentials like grocery and hand sanitizers are facing a severe shutdown. This is the time to run customer loyalty programs and give promotional offers in the quest to keep the existing bonding and attract them to visit your shop once situation normalises. Keeping in touch with your customers is essential to remind them of visiting your store after normal life resumed.

Make Your Presence Felt
As a small business owner, you should stay in contact with your customers and remind them about your business. You can post videos about the situation back at your business house. You can show how you take care of your employees and abide by all the protective measures to contain COVID 19 disease. You can also post educative content for the general public about Coronavirus.

Post the dos and don’ts to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus, provide myth busters that are rational in this situation and also highlight the steps taken by the government to stop spreading of the virus.

These were some of the ways through which you can sustain your business amid deadly Coronavirus outbreak. This is just a bad phase and everything will return to normalcy within some months. You have to be ready for the future when you will regain your business and generate revenue.

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