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Tips to Build An Efficient Online Store That Doesn’t Allow Visitors to Jump Off


If you are a new buyer of online products, can you remember the website layout from where you purchased your product last time? Probably not! When we purchase a product our attention mostly goes to the product image, description, price, discount, reviews and so on. But, actually, it is the intuitive design that makes everything so natural and easygoing that we don’t need to focus on the design. That’s the actual success of a designer.


When we watch a movie, we mostly get lost in the story – we don’t pay attention to the background however there are dedicated background decoration team. The better they would decorate the background as per the scene, the better we can get into the story.


The similar rule works in websites as well. You need to understand the audience psychology, the device you are going to develop it for and have to create a design as per that. Only an experienced designer can keep the visitor focused on the point where you want to. The moment they would get distracted, they would start the searching for a different website.


So, what makes a website design great? Well, there is no one thumb rule. Depending upon the product type, target audience, targeted area, device, and so on the design and the layout would change. Mostly the damn mistake novice designers do is to overload a page with so many attractive objects where none actually keeps you stuck to any object.


So, what we mean to say is, make it simple and at one screen highlight one object or section. And yes, always backup every section with highly attractive call to action. Never let your visitor navigate to other page just to get information or during the page loading time, they may start surfing another website. Yes, today’s internet users are too much impassionate; so, leave them unattended for a moment and you may miss them.


Another highly important part is the payment section. Remember every person is very serious about their bank details and no one would like to submit these sensitive details if this page don’t seem enough secured to them. Also you need to back up every field with proper guideline so that every person can understand what information they should put into which box. And yes, it should be well tested; any error message is enough to scare off your customer. And integrate as many payment option as you can to ensure no customer be upset as their bank isn’t listed there.

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