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Things That Can Make the Visitors of Your Ecommerce Alarmed & Increase Bounce Rate


Getting visitor and converting them into customers is a totally different story. There are several ways which can ensure huge traffic to a website. But, if you check the bounce rate you would know that a major percent of these visitors just left the site after a while – without buying any product.


So, why it happens? Is there any designing issue? Well, if you have ever went for on-page, you shouldn’t have such kind of issue. Then why aren’t they staying in your website and buying products? There can be a lot of valid reasons that you might have overlooked. Here are a few of those:


Shipping Charge

Neither the customer nor the seller wants to bear the shipping charge. But, some obviously have to take the responsibility. There are several customers who postpone their purchasing plan just because they can’t make out their mind to pay the high shipping charge – especially when the product price is low. But, when you sell hundreds or thousands of products everyday through courier service you must choose a cheaper yet reliable courier service or at least bear a part of the shipping charge.


Product Cancellation

It is really a frustrating fact that everyday a major percent of confirm sales get cancelled as the customer has got a better price somewhere else or just have changed their mind. However, as soon as a customer places a purchase order, the concerned seller starts processing the shipping immediately and thus these cancellation is just wastage of manpower and some physical resources (package, bill copy etc.). But, if you don’t offer this option, the customers would feel insecure and they would jump off of the website immediately. So, even though you know the fact, you should not wave off this feature just for the sake of decreasing bounce rate.


Wrong Information

Oh, there is nothing worse than a piece of wrong information beside a product in your website. It can send a bad signal to your visitor and they may thing that it is not the product they have planned to purchase. So, be too much careful about putting information and cross check it with the product’s official website.


Return Policy

Easy return – one of the top reasons that made online purchasing so popular is the facility to return products if you didn’t like it or it is not of that standard. But, to save money and harassment there shopping website that don’t offer return option which can discourage your customers. So, it would be highly suggested to make changes in your return policy and make the process simpler. Same goes for the Refund Policy as well.


Online Transaction

Today people are enough smart and they have learned some of the basics to make their banking data secure. So, if your payment page isn’t secured by SSL certificate or don’t have other security measures, there is a high probability that a major part of the customers won’t complete the payment process and leave the website from that point.

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