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The indispensable Cartface online stores launch checklist

This must feel like complete exhilaration. You are ready with your Cartface e-commerce store and the moment has arrived to launch it in the market. Suddenly that feeling of nervous excitement pinches you. Did I miss out something? Is everything in place?

In order to quell this nervousness and to make way for a smooth Cartface store launch, it is essential to go through a checklist for nullifying the last minute hiccups.

So, go through the checklist thoroughly and initiate the countdown for that ultimate moment.

Add all existing sales channels

If you are interested in reaching out to both your existing and potential clienteles beyond your website then proceed to add any existing sales channels to the online store.

In fact, all sales channels are associated with the core of the Cartface business, so you can effortlessly keep track of your orders, products, and customers across all the platforms from within your Cartface admin.

Add a customized domain

This is actually the first and foremost thing to do when you are opening an online store. Add a customized domain name to your store, or procure one right away through your Cartface admin.

Check your payment gateway settings minutely

Even prior to attracting any traffic to your online store, you have to ensure that the payment gateways are working immaculately and people can complete the financial transactions smoothly. It is advisable to place an order on the store with a live payment gateway just to ensure all thing works well.

After checking out you can reimburse your order instantly later.

Get the customary pages prepared

It is imperative to prepare some static pages like the Contact Us , About Us, Shipping, and FAQ pages for the visitors to click through and read when you lift-off your Cartface store.

Check the email notification settings

You might want to provide a long time customer with a personalized experience by offering them special discounts and offers on their future orders. The most appropriate way to do this is by editing your email templates.

Conduct a thorough content audit for taking care of spelling and grammatical error

At times you are so involved with your work that you tend to overlook any kind of spelling and grammatical errors in your website copy. If you get the copy checked by a friend, family member, or a business partner, they might ensure that all the existing issues are taken care of. You can also take help from the various spelling and grammar checking software available in the market.

Optimize all existing images on the website

Slow loading of images can have a negative impact on the online e-commerce store and more so if you are having a flash sale for your store at your initial take-off days. It is vital to ensure that all your website images are optimized for the web so that it takes minimal loading time. There are many tools available for this optimization job and you can certainly use them.

Installation of an analytics tool

It is essential to install analytics from the beginning. This provides a valuable understanding of your visitors and customers. In a physical store, you have the opportunity to view customer face-to-face. But when you are online you cannot see the customers and analytics help to understand the customer behavior of an online store.

Adhere to a prelaunch marketing plan

Apart from all the technicalities which are crucial for a smooth launch, the store also needs to be successful financially. In order to make the online store rich with great ROI, you must have a prelaunch marketing plan in place.

Review your tax and shipping settings

Check all your tax settings and shipping rates with regards to the products you’re selling appropriately. In fact, it is necessary to double check the tax and shipping settings prior to launching the online store.

Make the contact process simple for the customers

Provide your contact information clearly on each and every page. Always include your business address, phone number, and even live chat on your website if at all possible. Detailed and accurate contact information always assuage customer apprehensions.

Install just the necessary apps

It is difficult to resist your excitement about the Cartface App Store. Some unbelievable applications can be added to the store .But during the initial launch of the online store, install the applications which are completely indispensable like an email marketing app.

Set up your billing info

If you are arriving at the conclusion of your 14-day free trial and are at the penultimate preparatory stage for launch then be extra careful to set up your store’s billing information to make sure there are no hitches when your store is finally live on the World Wide Web.

After going through the launch checklist meticulously, it’s time to concentrate on the main activity that is ‘selling online’.

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