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Startup eStore’s Guide to Bag More Sales without Paid Promotion

The early days of any ecommerce seem too dull due to low or even zero sales, as the online world doesn’t work the way we are habituated. You have to reach your business to the right audience and you don’t know how. It’s suffocating! But don’t worry – we have some simple guidance for you that would ensure a smooth growth of your estore. Just follow these.


Pack Website with Powerful Content

When you launch a website, content plays the most vital role to inform visitors as well as search engine regarding the purpose of the website. So, give enough information on what you sell, why people trust you, what are your specialities and so on. And don’t forget to use relevant keywords in your content that would help search engine to categorise your website and understand the website easily.


Improve Website Layout

The visual presentation of a website plays crucial role to make a website look trustworthy. It also should be eye-catchy yet simple. Too many products and too many information don’t just make the webpage heavy and slow, but it also distracts the visitor’s focus from the items. So, highlight products strategically and give the most captivating information with the thumbnail. If the visitors find it useful, they will click on that and get detailed information.


Ensure Easy Navigation

Internet has made people lazy. No one would stay on a website that is too technical to navigate. So, pay special attention on improving the page-flow. It should be suitable for every category of visitors – savvy and non-savvy.


Link with Social Sites

Visitors can help you reach your website to the most appropriate audience; just offer them the right tool. Place social sharing icons on the right place and let the visitors share your products, pages, offers on their social wall to make it viral without spending a penny. Also, create your own social profile and stay active there to create a brand awareness in a friendlier way.


Create Classified Ads

Classified ads are one of the most useful yet free ways to promote your website among the potential customers. There are hundreds of classified ad submitting websites where you can create ads without paying a penny. Make sure to make them enough catchy, enticing and professional. Add your contact details properly so that customers can contact you/your website easily.


Write Blogs

Blogs are one of the best ways to attract thousands of potential customers as well as to promote your website in Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.) organically. Do thorough keyword research and use the most relevant keyword on the blogs to target a particular category of visitors/customers. Write powerful, high quality and unique content and publish them regularly and link them back to your website. At Cartface, we provide integrated blog page with all our ecommerce website packages and that too completely for free.


However, it is always suggested to hire professionals for a short period and let them promote your website in the right way. Any wrong step may lead to penalty by Google.

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