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Simplest SEO & SMO Strategy to Promote Sales of Your Shopping Site

The words SEO and SMO ate still too technical for new online entrepreneurs. But, they can provide you huge support to get remarkable sales in your newly launched ecommerce. Read this blog to know how you can best utilise them.


Even the most experienced entrepreneurs feel helpless when they launch their online shopping website. Yes, getting traffic and converting them successfully need some robust digital strategy. Those who aren’t well acquainted with the digital platform and how it works face trouble promoting their website to the right potential audience.


So, here are some simple and effective strategies on SEO and SMO to help you get the ice on the cake little easily.


Start Blogging

Blogging is probably one of the most powerful and easiest ways to escalate rank of your website and make it visible to right set of audience. Do some research to find the out the most powerful set of keywords. You can take help of some SEO expert to do the keyword analysis for you. Use the keywords to write engaging, interesting and useful content. The most important thing here to get the right result is consistency. Post one blog every week at least and keep same gap between two publishing date. Share the blog in different social networks and check the response.


Make Social Posts

Studies have shown huge effect of social networking sites to promote products and get traffic. You can utilise these free platforms to create a solid fan-base and motivate them through regular posts. But, there are certain tricks to make sure that audience interact with your posts. How?


  • Use Image: Images are great tool to make your posts eye catchy. Create custom image as per the suggested size of the social platform and use some text on the image to compel them reading the tag line or to click on the link. Limit the text to 10% to 15% of the total image space and highlight it properly.
  • Pack with Tagline: Don’t just rely on the image. Describe the image with few words in a way that insist them to click on the link. Use professional writers to write provoking, crisp and brief text for this section.
  • Share Blogs: It’s another way to engage your visitors and get traffic to your blog. The more visitor or active reader you’ll get to your blog, the more link juice would be transferred to your ecommerce website.


The most important part here is to know how frequently you’ll publish posts here. As per an expert of Cartface’s website builder software, one should not post more than 2-3 posts in facebook in a week. However, on the contrary, it’s better to make 4 to 5 posts per day in twitter. Also take Google plus, linkedin, pinterest and shareit in to consideration. They give good number of visitors to shopping sites.


Start Ads

Ad campaigns are paid promotions with zero organic value. Still, they are very useful to give you an instant boost to your sales and reach huge number of audience helping you to create a loyal customer base. So, keep some money aside and invest that for quick boost of your seasonal sales. You can run ad campaigns through Google AdWords or even in the social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Consult with some SMO expert to create a better strategy that demands less budget yet returns better outcome.

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