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Simple Ways to Integrate Video in Your Website


A video is a great way to explain a complex theory or to present your business idea in an easy-to-digest yet attractive way. Also for new products, a video can present it the best way which is just impossible through text. But, how to integrate a video in your website so that it plays smoothly even in slow connection yet don’t make your website freezy.


Well, there can be several ways depending upon the technology you use and the features you want. Even if you have a petty HTML5 website you can add video window in your pages and it would run smoothly. No need to say for every technology, they system is different. So, here are some popular methods that you can follow.


Direct Upload

This is the simplest method of publishing a video in your website. You just upload video in your server and then create a screen on your web page pointing the video. Here is an example of the code below:

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ controller=”true”>

However, you must know that it consumes huge server space and also increases the page loading time of your website. So, this system is good only when your movie clip is just 10seconds long. For bigger videos, follow the next methods.


Using YouTube

Small budget websites generally purchase low sever space to save money. Regardless of the technology, they can’t upload videos in their server and play using any plugin as it will soon fill up the server space. So, what can they do? Simply signup in YouTube, upload the video, and click on the share button located below the video. Now, just click the embed button next to the link, copy the iframe code shown and paste it into your website’s html code. The added advantage is it don’t require huge bandwidth as it gets that from YouTube. But, the drawback is, YouTube don’t allow you to upload video of any size; primarily it is 15minute long video. But, if you go for YouTube Partnership account, the limitation would be waived off.


Using Plugin

There are CMS and Ecommerce portals where you get several useful plugins to play video. These plugins come with several useful features to manage the videos more effectively. So, how does it work? In simple you just integrate a video player (plugin) with your web page and then point it to the video source. But, the fact you must remember is not every video player can play any type of video. So, either you have to choose the right plugin that can play your video format, or have to convert your videos to supported format of the plugin.

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