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Simple Tips to Increase Visitor Engagement on Your Shopping Site


Be it an eCommerce or a general website, visitor engagement is highly important. The more time they would spend in your website, the more they would become obsessed with your brand and eventually it would increase the chances of conversion.


But, what a website owner can do more than providing genuine information and presenting them well with some eye-catchy graphics? Well there are several ways. Just have a look into the below methods and implement them on your website.



A new and highly efficient trend is presenting enticing thoughts and ideas through meaningful graphics backing up with minimum text. Mostly it is a way to present your products and services in an attractive story-

like way where people won’t feel bore by long paragraphs yet would understand everything. If you think it will become too long for a screen, you can present it through simple screen-flow where one idea would be shared in one screen.



Another great way is to upload a video with attractive plot. You can hire a professional photographer and create a video or just develop an engaging animation. However, it can consume huge server space and may take buffer time in slow connection. However, for better result, you can use the video plugin developed by Cartface.



There is nothing more exciting than participating in a simple contest and winning some prize or discount coupon and so on. If you can promote it properly using social sites, you can get huge traffic very soon. However, you should maintain a transparency in the contest so that it don’t become boomerang with some negative comments of cheating.



A major part of the internet users come here to gather some information. So, there is nothing better than starting a blog page for your website. Be it about a smartphone, LCD television, camera or just a dress, share useful information through your blog page and gradually you would start getting good number of visitors to your site – organically. If you use keywords properly in the blogs you will also get some real value in terms of SEO in the long run. You can consult with SEO experts about it for better result before starting your blog.

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