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Shipping Is The Heart and Soul Of e-Commerce Business—How To Make it Effective?

Summary: To fix the shipping woes, you can always rely on this piece to help you get to a conclusion.

Covering the global market comes with a lot of challenges and you have to be prepared to deal with all of them flamboyantly. Competitive market means you need to deliver on the promises and quality and only then you can succeed in the competition. The biggest challenge of e-commerce business is shipping and transportation. Most of the customers have based their preferences on the shipping charges and delivery of the goods. As a business owner, you need to understand that you have dealt with the shipping and transportation problem in the best possible way. If you are skeptical about the revenue and response by the customers on your products, you need to improve the shipping services. This blog will help you deal with the shipping challenges. You will come to know about the ways which can better the shipping experience of your e-commerce business.

How Do I Ship Products Internationally?

The problem doesn’t rise with domestic shipping but with international one. You need to deal with taxes and duties and they may vary in accordance to the international borders. Higher shipping price may make the goods noncompetitive in the market. But when you are going for international shipping, package size, package weight, departing country, destined country and insurance all matter a lot and based on all these aspects, the prices are determined. Shipping calculators can help you define the price of the product and subsequently you can fix the profit margin.

It is also advisable that you notify the customers about duties and taxes based on different countries and it would be included in the price. Such an information would help the customers to pick the right price which best suits their budget and they would be aware that they are not charged exorbitantly.

How to Safely Pack the Products for Freight?

When you are dealing as an e-commerce business, you need to know that shipping of different goods would be a part and parcel of the business. Most of the times the goods might exceed the weight level permitted by the authorities. In such time tested period, the freight charges come in the fray. As weights might exceed and you will have to incur additional cost for that, but with careful planning, such expenditure can be easily minimized.


Checking the delivery package is of paramount importance. You can dramatically reduce the weight with proper packaging. How to reduce the weight?

Follow These Methods:

Use of Pallet: When you have used a wood pallet it might be heavier but a plastic pallet would be much lighter. You have to consider the durability and resistance as well. The shipment should not exceed the weight however, you need to understand that.

Durable Packaging: Flexible and durable cartons are available now-a-days and you can use them to easily ship your products. You can also fill-up the cartons with bubble-plastic and thermacol. The packaging must be strong enough to withstand rough handling on route to the destination.

Secure the Shipment: At the time of stacking the shipment, the boxes shouldn’t be handing on the edge of the pallet. At the same time, the top layers of the shipment should be flat and you must use the load protectors since chain, straps while tying the shipmen might cause severe damage to the shipment.

How To Keep The Shipping Cost Low?

The most striking challenge for e-commerce business owners is to keep the shipping charges low. When they are reducing the shipping charges, it will impact the price and make the goods more competitive in the market. Low shipping charges will also attract more sales, but the question is how to achieve that.


Buying and Printing Discounted Labels: Most of the shipping companies have been providing the discounted labels which you can buy for your e-commerce store. When you use such labels on your orders, it will reduce the cost of the shipping.

Discounted Supplies: Corrugated boxes and bubble mailers are provided by Cartface which most of the e-commerce business can use to reduce their shipping costs. Label printers and shipping scales are also available at Cartface to help the e-commerce business ship easily.

Price Comparison: Assumptions should not be the basis of the business. You need to be rational and comparing different solution providers and based on the findings you must pick your choice. When you have done sheer amount of research, you will be able to find the right solution provider.

Carrier Provided Packaging: Tailored services are included in the shipping carrier business. You can pick the packaging and this will reduce the cost of shipping. Most of the providers are ready to give discounts on the packaging when you avail their carrier service.

Flat Rate Shipping: Majority of the providers have been striving to turn competitive in the market and such carrier providers have resorted to flat rate shipping for certain products. You can easily check with them and find out whether your product is within the ambit.

Shipping Rate of the Store

For e-commerce business, bulk transportation of goods from one country to another is a daily business. The necessity makes such business always work towards reducing their shipping costs. When your shipping costs have been rational and just, it will make your products competitive, but how to achieve this impossible task.


When you go with regular mailing service, packaging, posting and shipping label need to be handled manually. Whereas, there are many businesses which are providing these services on different parameters like distance, weight of the shipment. The shipping rate is generally based on the weight of the product. To find out the shipping rate,

Average Order Weight= (Catalogue Weight/ number of products)*Average Order Size

After you have found out the average order weight, you can communicate with the solution providers who are willing to work on such rates. The shipping rates are not just found out by the formula mentioned above, but there are numerous other ways, you must pick the best as per the industry norms and your shipment provider must be willing to comply with the same.

How to Communicate With Manufactures and Suppliers?

For those businesses which are making their own product, they will not have to bother about communicating with the suppliers. They are their own suppliers, but with those businesses which are just a platform to sell the products like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon and Shopclues and Cartface, they will have to communicate with the suppliers.


Such business can send their quotes through mails and they can rake the stock on their store. With proper communication, they can easily make the stocks available at their store and offer it for public consumption.

How to Replace Lost and Damaged Product?

The shipping process is tough and during the process damage and theft couldn’t be avoided. When the products during such times reach to the end users, they are not always in good shape. To deal with such situation is also very important for better brand building.

How to Do it?

Shipping insurance is the best way where you can claim from the insurance provider and they would be ready to compensate on legal grounds. This can easily help the e-commerce company consider the interest of the customers and the customers will always be loyal and happy with the services.

How to Handle Back Orders?

Your store will not always witness unprecedented demand, there might be instances when unavailability of the stock or rate issues might severely impact the sales. You need the right solution to deal with such issues.


You can integrate the apps with your store which can give intimidation to the customers. At the same time, this app can also inform them about attractive discounts. This way it will be simple to conduct the business and prevent the customer churning.

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