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SEO Will Change The Realm of Internet Marketing in 2017? Have You Done the Necessary Changes Yet?

Getting the e-commerce store ranked on the top pages is a tough pursuit and as many SEO strategist have been doing a lot to make your websites pay by going on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. The landscape of digital marketing and SEO is going to change dramatically come this fall in 2017. New metrics will redefine the future of SEO and many businesses have to adapt accordingly to stand tall in the competition. If you are an existing business or a new business which has recently gone online, you need to understand the SEO metrics of 2017. By adhering to the given metrics which would be discussed in this blog, you can bolster your marketing and take your business to the next level in the competition.

Single Page Applications/ Java Script Rendering/ Pre-Rendering/ Crawling

By collaborating all these concepts, a website can easily rank higher in the matrix and they can give tremendous results to the owners. In 2017, SEO needs to be proactive with respect to the learning. It has to understand the basic dynamics of content management and crawling of the websites when the clients are loading the contents. At the same time, managing the Single Page Application without going to app market store would be of paramount importance. Pre-rendering would be necessary for the websites since they cannot solely rely on Google to analyze and rank the pages. If they serve ready to eat meal on the platter of Google, in that case, Google would help them rank higher in the competition. Adopting universal Javascript or also known as isomorphic Java Script, significant improvement on the website pages could be seen in the near future. As a website owner, you will have to understand this concept and act accordingly.

Mobile/AMP/Dynamic Serving/Mobile Algo—Age of Mobiles and Tablets

SEO has well understood the traits of the customers and it has adopted its analytics subsequently, and so does Google. Google knows that most of the customers have been using the mobile phones to search for any services, and to make sure that customers are able to find the most relevant results, Google would certainly bring those websites in the search result which are mobile friendly. The bottom-line of the entire story is mobile friendly websites would certainly redefine the future of marketing.

HTTP Would be the Basis of the Search

You don’t have http website, you ain’t in the competition. Google has gone stringent this fall and it will penalize all those with non-http address. Without the security promised to the users, Google won’t ran your website at all in the competition. Chrome will instantly intimate that the website is not secure and you may incur damage if you proceed with your activities.

Voice Search/Answer Box/Predictive Assistance

The search paradigm is going to change dramatically. For the website to rank higher in the search results, proper formatting, bulleted numbering will play a vital role. Phrasal keywords will also play an important role. Subsequently, the owners of the business have to understand the dynamics of the search engines and accordingly they should plan their action moves. Phrasal suggestions and quality content would be the parameters based on which the contents would be evaluated and ranked subsequently.

User Experience Metrics

The marketing will revolve around the users and user experience metrics would grow more in the SEO strategies. In the year 2017, auditing of the content and monitoring of the URL would be stringent than ever. The website owners would be required to make different changes on their website and contents which will have an impact on conversions, scrolling and interactions. For those pages which have not complied with the said paradigm, they would be thrown out from the competition.

Log File Analysis

Information search will go to its next level with the log file analysis. The log analysis can help the website owners to think beyond improving the page speed and working towards making the website crawlable. This will help the websites to rank higher and get maximum results instantly.

Virtual Reality

Gaining momentum in the competition can happen through virtual reality. Not just 3D websites will help, rather, presentation of the products and influential reviews getting attached with the products will redefine the future. The business owners have to understand the same and subsequently work upon it.

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