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Right Layout Designing to Showcase Products in Your Ecommerce

Presenting your ecommerce the best way is the key thing to get more visitors and convert them successfully. So, gather some insight on how you should present your products to get the most out of your website.


Presentation matter a lot, especially when you can’t be present to show your sales skill. Yes, we are saying about ecommerce websites where visitors come to see the showcased products and place order if the website can successfully influence them.


So, the first thing is creating a robust layout. There are certain rules that you must follow.


Highlight The Product Image

When someone visits your site, the products should attract their eyes. So, place big and high quality images. Make sure the images are taken by professionals and well edited to give it the best look. Use simple and efficient plugin to provide zoom option to the customer so that they can see it in details, if required. It’s very important when people buy non-standard products like garments, jewelleries etc. On the contrary, 360 degree view is even better when your product is something costly and that related to your fashion – like car, bike, smartphone etc. If not possible, at least add few more images from different angle to give the visitors a better way to check the product.


Give Details in Eye-Catchy Way

When people spend some money to buy a product, they want to know more about this. In a physical store, sales person comes to you to help you know about this. But, in an ecommerce, you have no option other than adding some textual information. So, do it best way. Highlight the price, discount and other offers properly, as well as the shipping charge, if any. Give a brief of the product and give them option to know in details by placing a ‘read more’ button.


Place Call-to-Action Button

The ultimate target of any website is to influence the customer to take an action. Mind it, it’s not always the ‘Buy’ action. It can be sign up, login, rate, add to wishlist, get rate alert and many more. So, use as more of them as possible so that you get most from every visitor. You have to accept that not every visitor will buy something from your website. But, if you are ready to compel them take the other actions, you can motivate them in future by sending some enticing offer. Here the prime thing is placing the CTA buttons at the most appropriate place so that they are visible easily at the right time.


Keeping Distractions Away

More choices make a customer more confused. So, never crowd the screen with so many alternatives. Ask them to use the filter option to get most appropriate product and this is how you can keep them away from jumping from one product to another. Well, alternatives are often good to ensure they don’t leave your site if a product doesn’t match their requirement. So, you can add a ‘Similar products’ option in the below. It will decrease the bounce rate drastically and the chances of getting an order will improve remarkably.

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