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Propelling Your Ecommerce on Right Track & Getting Success: Dos and Don’ts


With innumerable opportunities at hand it has become easier and of course cheaper to launch an ecommerce. But the real challenge is getting a good number of order regularly.


As we discussed with several of our clients and prepared a report on the performance of their website, we found three category of results – non-performing, performing and performing unstably. While we don’t need to brainstorm immediately on the performing websites, we made a thorough research on the two other categories. Depending upon what we found, we prepared a list of dos and don’ts that every startup ecommerce should follow.


DO Check Product Quality

We know it’s really tough for any ecommerce website owner to confess if their products aren’t of a good quality. Still, you must be honest to your business. Even if you start getting huge customer as a result of compelling promotion, if you don’t maintain proper quality, there is a good chance that the upset buyers will pack your website with negative comments. And no need to explain that it would force the sales-graph to fall on its nose at double speed.


DON’T Rely on Fortune

Let the luck do its job. You focus on your business. Never think that as you have launched a stunning website with great offers, people will dig out your website from the crowd and start placing orders. You have to make effort to put your website-rank in motion. It is better you go for a short term organic promotion, may be three six months or so and when it is in a comparatively good position, slowly switch to social medial marketing or some paid ad campaigns to collect the profit.


DO Care Your Customers

It is human nature that they raise their voice when they are not satisfied and get mum when they are happy. So, it is very natural that you would get more negative comments against the sales than positive ones. So, do not panic and listen what your customers say. Check what is wrong with the product or service and try to fix it promptly. Also run effective campaign to collect comments from the silent (and probably happy) customers and there is a good chance they would jot down something beneficial for you.


DON’T Target Every Product

If you manufacture custom garment or gift products, it is best to stick to that products only. These are the products where you have good grip. Don’t manufacture any such product? Simply sell branded products whichever you prefer. But, never try to target every product until you establish yourself as a reputed brand. Most of those who tried to become one-stop-seller have ended up losing all the clients.


Are you a successful ecommerce owner? Have some suggestion? Do share with us.


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