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Propelling Reasons One Should Switch to Ecommerce for Selling Products Online


Competition is increasing and margin is decreasing. With huge crisis of employment, youths are totally out of idea what to do. If you survey just in your locality, you will find that every seller is struggling to get some more profit. But, with ever increasing overhead cost it seems almost next to impossible.


So, what is the solution? How would these shops survive in today’s market scenario? As per a business expert online selling is going to be the future of countries like India where people can truly get return on their investment. But, is it really feasible solution with lots of giant brands as competitor? Well, let’s find out the answer.


Why Physical Stores are Losing Its Charm

It starts from the manufacturer. To exist in competition all the companies are decreasing their MRP drastically and it is cutting down the margin of the sellers. In addition when you run a physical store you have to invest huge on decoration of the store and have to hire some high paid sales executive, accountant and so on which would drain out even the small profit.


Doesn’t an Ecommerce Require These Overhead?

Well, it isn’t possible to run any business without some employees. But, the first thing is you don’t have to invest huge on your ‘store’ infrastructure. Just develop your ecommerce with any free website builder like Cartface and upload your products and that’s all. But, still you have to pay attention to some details regarding cost calculation before you upgrade your business from physical store to online store. Here are those factors which would affect your cost:


Website Development

The first thing you need is to develop a stunning and functional website. While it can cost huge if you go for a custom ecommerce website like the giant brands, it is better for the small organizations to start with a free theme.


Payment Gateway

For receiving the payment online from customers you need to integrate some payment gateways with your website. Most of the payment gateways charge you a nominal amount against every transaction. The bigger amount you would transact, the lesser you would be charged – mostly.


Storage Cost

If you store the products at your warehouse, you have to bear the cost of warehouse and thus it would finally add up to your selling price. However, if you go for contract with other vendors and work just as a mediator to generate the sales, you can save this cost primarily.


Packaging Cost

It is your duty to deliver the products safely without any damage to the customer and thus you would require good quality package of different size and quality as per the product. So, consult with several package providers for a better price and higher quality.


Shipping Charge

Shipping charge is a major factor that can deter several customers. Though it is mostly charged to the customer, if you can’t offer them an affordable shipping charge, you would miss a lot of sales. So, select your courier service provider enough carefully.


Marketing Cost

No need to explain that you aren’t going to get any visitor without a proper marketing. While there are giant brands who invest a lot on marketing it can be tough for small organizations to compete with them head to head. So, it’s better you target the social media for low cost and high return.

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