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Procrastinator’s Guide to Utilize Social Media Platform to Supercharge Your Sales


Can you get a flash of buying something when you are seriously engaged in preparing a spreadsheet of your office? May be not. But, when you are hanging with friends there is a good chance that you make out mind even if buying that product isn’t that much important. This is what happens when you social platform to promote your products and services. Let’s explain how it works and the way you can utilize it.


Detailed Analytics

Today every social website has made rigorous improvement in the algorithm to monitor the way a user interacts with different types of posts. It gives them a good knowledge about the taste, preference, involvement and several other data that can be utilized to push the right product to the right customer which finally increases the chances of purchasing dramatically. And they always have your personal details like your gender, age, community, region, interests and so on.


How This Data Can Help Me?

There are several ways that you can use to get a good sales. Depending upon your product, service, target audience, target platform, and several other things the strategy can change vastly. So, here are some of the top methods that works great for the small organizations.


General Post

This is the simplest way to attract visitors. Create some appealing and valuable posts with eye-catchy yet simple graphics and post them regularly in your business page wall. Share them in different groups where you can get lots of your target audience. Make sure you have input the right call to action button such as, buy now, call now, visit website etc. with the post.


Boost Post

While it is too much exhausting to share or re-post the same post in several groups, boost post can work perfectly to help you do the same for you. Just pay a little bit, set the target audience and the social site would take the responsibility to show the post in different user’s page. Here you must know that these sites charge very little for “impression” (when the post shows in someone’s page); while it is a bit high for “reach” (when someone reacts with it).


Ad Post

Ad post is somehow similar to boost post; the basic difference is ad posts are done purely with business intention. However, boost posts can be just for branding as well. But, when you are creating an ad in social site, you would have to follow several guidelines of that particular platform.


So, follow these methods and give a boost to your sales without any traditional method of increasing keyword rank on search engines.

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