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Pocketbook for Small & Medium Businesses for Choosing the Most Suitable Shopping Site Builder


An eCommerce is the most successful way to get huge customer from a wide region without a costly and well decorated showroom or several high paid marketing executives. However, just like your showroom you need to decorate this virtual shop properly so that it can pull and convert visitors effectively.


So, the first thing come in your mind is hiring a website developer. But, no need to say that for an advanced website you need to invest huge and still you won’t have any idea how would the finished product be. So, the second option for small and medium businesses remains is choosing a website builder site.


Again, I must inform you that not all are same. While every ecommerce building software has their specialties, and do negative points. So, how to choose the right one for you? Well, here are a few points for you.


Simplicity of Customization

The basic concept of a website builder is the user develops the website on their own without any pro knowledge. You just signup, choose a template, customize and launch it on your own. So, you must make sure that the platform is well organized and simple enough for novice users.


Documentation & Support

At times you would feel frustrated and puzzled. Proper documentation and support (video, chat, mail, call etc.) can save you from such situation. There are shopping site builders like Cartface that provides extensive documentation and support through various popular channels which is enough to build up your website within a few minutes.



Generally, such websites provide you subdomain on primary phase. However, mostly you are free to go for a paid domain and shift your website to your domain. Similarly, you have to mostly rely on their shared server which may not give you enough speed. So, know if you can go for a dedicated server from them or any third-party or not. Obviously, your visitors won’t like a slow website that takes minutes to load.



The most important part that matters most for small organizations. Be very sneaky about the charges of the website builder you are going to sign up for. While Cartface gives you a 14days Free Trial option, most of the others would charge you. Know the charges in details. You won’t like to go for a website that charges more than a custom website and yet force you to accept their generic theme and functions.



May be you have knowledge of coding or you have a cheap designer with you. So, can you re-design the template as your own? Mostly the answer is no. However, Cartface gives you the freedom to change the layout of the website from coding level without any permission. So, you can decorate your website as per your preference to target your audience better.

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