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Outrun Your Business during Durga Puja amid Coronavirus Outbreak through Smart POS

Pitri Paksha has ended and Devi Paksha has commenced that brings with itself the auspicious celebration of the Durga Puja in Bengal and other parts of the world. Hindus situated in different parts of the world are filled with high hopes and cultivates a festive mood during the five days celebration.

However, 2020 is not going to be similar to the ones earlier. Curse it on the worldwide pandemic Coronavirus that instituted itself at the end of 2019. We are nearing the end of 2020, yet there is no subduing of the cases. It has become a fight for human existence and nothing has been left untouched, not even the Durga Puja 2020.

India saw an escalation in Corona cases at the beginning of the year 2020. This turned fatal and in no time people were losing lives. Lockdown was instigated mid-March and everything came to a halt. Shops were closed and offices shut. Every road in India was vacated within a night and by the dawn of March 24th, it felt that everybody was having an indefinite slumber.

6 months and counting, COVID has not budged an inch but human are fighting for their survival now. With the businesses opening itself again and people going out after removing of the lockdown, the government of India has mandated certain things to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. As an answer to the regulation more business is transferring their set up to a virtual platform to maintain social distancing. Here comes the smart POS billing software.

With Durga Puja fast approaching, it is recommended that you install a smart POS device in your store and regain your business exponentially. To maintain public norms one can see the utilisation of wireless smart POS devices in the retail sector. You can check the utilisation of touch screens and Wi-Fi along with barcode readers. Many technological companies like Cartface Technologies have come up with differential ideas suitable to various sectors.

Conventional POS or Point of Sale machines and systems are into use for a long time and shop owners along with customers were benefitted greatly. However, a shift in the process is required after the unlock period as people require more options to protect themselves from COVID infection.

The latest versions are hardware independent and can even work smoothly in any android devices. These are well-versed in processing different kinds of payments and offer data analytics to understand the growth of the business and potential credit scoring. These can very well be used over 4G mobile phone network provider and Wi-Fi.

Consistent growth in the utilisation of smart POS machines has been seen specifically in the smaller business houses present outside the metro cities. There is no end to possibilities as retailers from every sphere like fashion, food and beverage, electronics, pharmacy etc. are looking forward to adopting the smart POS system, for better shopping experience for the customers and improve their capabilities.

The newer POS variants can perform well in various fields like NFC (Near Field Communication) transactions, scanning QR codes, processing UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payments etc. Customisation is also available in all the POS systems according to the requirement of the business house.

One of the biggest achievements of the Indian POS billing systems is the integration of different payment modes in a single platform that is easy to use as well. In other countries, payment through a POS system is a combination of different methods. The UPI and Google Pay systems have made everything very easy. This also helps in keeping an account like sales volume, stock-keeping units and wholesales purchases. Investing in POS will give you a complete package consisting of customer payments, managing inventory, invoicing and GST tracking.

One of the biggest features of smart POS is the credit facility. Through this, anyone can opt for paying the entire amount in splits or credits. The purchaser can work on paying daily or monthly. This can also increase in cross-selling when the purchaser comes back to pay the credit value.

So, take complete advantage of the Durga Puja and succeed in creating your mark again in the market.

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