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Online Food Delivery Platforms Emerging as Saviours during Lockdown

As NRAI or National Restaurant Association of India has rolled out orders to close restaurants created for dining purpose, online food delivery platforms are seeing a surge in their business.

According to the National Restaurant Association of India, the step is for the betterment of employees and customers who will be visiting a restaurant if it’s open. Restaurant association president Anurag Katriar stated in one of his statements that it will be a loss to the association if any one of the employees suffers from COVID-19, hence the decision. The decision created havoc in thousands of restaurants, pubs, bar and cafes across India. Hence, they had to come up with other alternatives to save their business from going downhill. The best option to sustain in the market was to undertake door-step food delivery, along with online presence.

Food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy is open amid lockdown
After a lot of speculation and partial lockdown of country, online food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato have presently opened themselves up to serve during the crisis period. This decision has acted as a saviour because this has helped people to taste restaurant food without stepping out of their houses during the self-isolation period.

The online food delivery partners are not treated as service nowadays but have become a habit to citizens of India. After the lockdown of restaurants, Zomato and Swiggy looked forward to optimising their service keeping in mind the safety of their employees and customers as well. The food platforms have even started to map areas that are highly critical and abstain from delivering any orders in that particular area.

Contactless Delivery
Zomato and Swiggy are using contactless food delivery option to fight against Coronavirus. Through this system, no or less contact is established between the delivery person and the customer. For instance, a customer can request the delivery to be left at the door in case of online payment. Each of the delivery employees is also laden with advanced credit and debit card machines that are installed with the payWave feature. It is advised to receive the delivery only when the delivery guy has left the premises to prevent transmission of the virus.

Hygiene Programs
Apart from the above step, they are also inculcating hygiene moves among food handlers. All of these practises aim towards limiting the spread of Coronavirus.

Companies are organising extensive awareness programs to facilitate and educate employees working in the field on how to protect themselves amid the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are also provided personal hand sanitizers and gloves as a precautionary measure.

Integrity Seal
To enhance the hygiene of the food delivered, several companies are wrapping the food into a new integrity seal. This high quality bag prevents ripping off while in the transit before reaching the destination. There is no evidence that a person can be affected by COVID-19 through food. All of this practice is to prevent from touching the food packaging.

Extra Precautions in the Kitchen
kitchen is the epicentre of all the delicious food that is served in your platters. However, as food passes through multiple hands, there can be a loophole of being infected with COVID-19. Employees of different food chains are explained about the benefits of washing hands every 30 minutes and asked to discard gloves between works. Some of the food chains have even had a cut in their employees, as it is easy to keep a watch over a small group of people.

Rules for Customers
Try to pay the billed amount online so that you don’t have to meet and greet the delivery guy at your doorstep. In case you have to pay to the delivery guy, make sure you hand him over the cash in an envelope or plastic wrap to limit touching the notes. The envelopes are opened only after the day end under precaution. If your food comes in a hard container, wipe the surface with a disinfecting tissue and discard it after one use. Next, you should wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.

It was essential to close down restaurants, as there is no way to practice social distancing in a room full of people enjoying their meal. However, online food delivery partners are working hard to satiate your tastebuds with different flavours, straight from your beloved restaurant.

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