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Managing Multiple Outlets have Never Been this Easy

In the first growing world where people are looking for opportunities at every corner, managing your expansion has been one of the key elements and most obviously a tough one. This is where the term and process of multi-store POS management system come into play. The process involves not just in managing store across the globe but assists in revenue generation and consistent growth as well.

All of these can be obtained through a single device or process known as POS Billing Software and Hardware combination. Through this, you can go on expanding your reach without worrying about perfect managing. Doing business has never been so easy.

In the following write-up you will be knowing about exclusive features of a POS system and why is it regarded to be one of the key elements for business expansion. Through the process, you can manage cash registers, add new outlets, input new customer and stock up products within a few minutes. You either can install the process to have a close inspection over your shop or can use it to manage your chain business. The option is yours to choose from what will substitute your requirement.

What can You do with a POS System?
There is a lot to be done with a POS system depending on your requirement. Let us go through some of the features that are presently available in the market. Customization is possible at every step and this is why the scope for development is huge.

Setting permission
You can specifically give access to some or all of your employees through the master admin panel. In case you don’t want everybody to have access, you can set the limits. You can also change the admin access in real-time without requiring to log in from a particular system as they are all connected remotely. For instance, a cashier will only be viewing the account section and other parts of the system will be barred from his view.

Multi-store POS inventory management
Success of a store depends on the robust inventory. It tells how much ready are you to serve customer demand. However, it is not easy to maintain multiple inventories manually. POS system has made sure you are updated with the entire list of inventory so that you can take the call when required. With a POS system like Cartface Technologies in your hand, you can reorder stock as and when required without physically visiting the store. You will also receive notifications about a low stock that will make sure you never go out of stock.

Analysing reports from multiple stores
Reports from multiple branches give the understanding of how well your stores are doing and where are they lagging. With specific filters, you can look only into the matters that you find important and need knowledge. Depending on the analysis you can make smarter decisions fruitful for your business. Key feature is the real-time reporting that lets you understand the required improvements starting from the products, their shelf lives, staff performance and much more.

Managing different channels simultaneously
Whether you have a retail store or online ecommerce platform or both, you can manage them from a single software in the back-end. You can have a look into multiple sales channels in real-time. If required, you can also transfer stocks from one branch to another and accordingly the stock will be supplied to the store from the warehouse. Information is synced automatically in every store and the admin panel as well.

Utilisation of existing hardware
When you are decked up with a POS billing software having all the advanced features, you can be sure to use it in different hardware as well. This means giving away the idea of hardware dependency. However, you should make it clear with the software company for any recommendation and compatibility specifications. You can work on the back-end from anywhere when you have a stable internet connection and a PC or laptop.

Check reports from anywhere
The software is independent of any platform and can be accessed from anywhere connected to the internet. You can use your smartphone to access the back-end and monitor the monthly reports. In case your internet is intermittent, don’t worry! The entire database remains stored that can be retrieved at any point of time when you get access to flawless internet.

So, now you can live your dreams
With the POS system at your dispense, you can now go on and live your dream of expanding your business far and wide. For anything else, the POS billing system is going to keep your record that you can go through from the comfort of your house. Get in touch with an expert team to know more about the multi-store features and how can you benefit from the same in your retail or online store.

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