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Latest Updates of Cartface to Improve User Experience & Escalate Conversion

Cartface, India’s one of the top ecommerce builder, has recently made a good number of changes to increase user experience and propel the conversion rate. Read to check these updates in details.


Cartface team is working constantly to improve the platform and make it the most suitable place to start and continue your business. We have been including every feature and function to propel your business in the right direction so that you never have to worry about promotion, traffic, engagement, conversion and retention.


Just check the below plugins that we recently have included or upgraded for your shopping portal.


Shipping Charge Manager

Forget the unprofessional system of entering different shipping charge for every product. Now you can do it simply by setting shipping charges in flexible systems and the plugin will handle the rest. You get feature to set different delivery charge as per product type, price, area, weight and so on.


PayUbiz Payment Gateway

The days of losing customers just because of you don’t have a suitable and secure online payment method is over. We have now integrated PayUbiz, one of the most popular payment gateways that offers you a reliable way to receive payment from almost any method – debit card, credit card, online payment, net banking and so on.


Minimum Order Price

Don’t make your manpower busy with hundreds of unprofitable mini-orders. Set a minimum order slab for the customers with this useful and simple plugin. It will restrict the customers to proceed to checkout in case they don’t add products of a minimum amount. Once you customise and activate the plugin, it’ll keep an eye on the cart and will keep notifying the customer to add more products until it crosses the predefined price slab. Isn’t it great?


Most Popular Products

You can now influence the customers by adding ‘most popular products’ list for every category. Just install the plugin and it will show a different section of popular products. By default it shows products which are sold most frequently or those are visited by people mostly. However, you can manually assign a certain product as ‘most popular’ to increase its sales.


Coupon Code

And now the most awaited coupon code plugin! You can multiply your sales by distributing coupon codes to your customers and they can redeem their coupon and get discount during checkout very easily. This plugin generates random numbers as per your predefined pattern and can verify it during checkout to make the discount effective.


Updates in Admin Panel

Apart from these super plugins we have made several improvements in the Admin panel as well. Our aim for these updates was to offer you a simpler control panel with improved stability, less effort and better interactivity. We know that not all our users are enough tech-savvy and thus we have hidden the default plugins from the admin panel so that they don’t get confused with so many plugins. We also have changed the place of several functions to make them easily accessible and make the UI more interactive.


Our team is researching consistently on the issues that the Admins as well as their customers are facing and fixing them silently to make it a world class shopping software builder. Just write to us if you see any bug or have any suggestion.

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