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Keyword Campaigns: Dos’ and Don’t for effective marketing

Summary: To turn effective, you need to plan your keyword strategies in the manner which has been discussed in this piece.

Marketing has gone practical and accessible these days with the help from SEO and other digital marketing campaign. Most of the folks have been accustomed to using the mobile phones, tablets and computers for shopping. If you are a business dealing in ant type of goods and services, by turning online you can open the gates to unlimited possibilities and greater Return on Investment. In this blog, you will come to know about the dos and don’ts with which you can take your keyword campaign to the next level.

The Dos

At the time of the marketing through the content, you must give adequate amount of stress on the content. But at the same time you have to think strategically with respect to the keyword usage. Do not end up stuffing the keywords in the content, it will do more harm than good. In order to catch more visitors and make your keywords thrive in the competition, here’s how you should you must proceed with the keyword strategy.

Title Tags: The title tags appear in the search engine result pages, browsers and external websites. With the judicial use of the keywords in the content, or in the Meta description and even when you are posting on the third party website, it will leave no stones unturned with respect to the marketing. If you are using the keywords in the meta description, it will be easier for the search bots to find you and relate it with the keywords sought after. With those websites using the keywords in the meta tags, they can make themselves visible and customers can easily find them with the keywords put in the right place and as per the given standards.

URL: If the URL of your website itself can include few of the keywords it will have a larger impact on the customers and the search engine at the same time. The use of the keywords in the URL helps the search engine to easily find out the business.

The Don’ts

Keyword Stuffing: Most of the online marketing strategist have committed this mistake. Often they have indulged into reckless keyword stuffing spree. It is a big “No”, do not go for keyword stuffing. Google will instantly blacklist your promotion and put your website in the spam category.

Duplicate content: use of duplicate content in the form of lifting texts from different websites and using it in your content will also leave you nowhere in the campaign.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes: In the content, it is not acceptable that you have spelling and grammar errors. The search engine will always be eager to penalize you for this. Be cautious with respect to this and design your campaign accordingly.

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