POS Billing System

Introducing Payment through Biometric Authentication in POS Counter

Customer buying pattern changes over a few years based on several factors. While it can change with change in the taste, the pattern can also change due to a shift in the technology used. Keeping this in view the present scenario, buying pattern states that customers might well prefer to spend more time in the aisle rather than the billing counter. This is even the same when it comes to paying at a restaurant. People love to devour the delicious food served for more time but become anxious when it comes to paying the bill.

POS or Point of Sale system has addressed the issue largely as the billing has become hassle-free and quick. To describe the POS system real quick – it is a combination of computer hardware and software system along with some peripherals integrated to work as a combined system. It means a POS system can deck up with card reader, RFID and barcode scanner for smoother handling.

Apart from these peripherals, there is an interesting accessory that has wide usage and has attracted immense acclamation – the fingerprint biometric payment system. The revolutionary biometric system sees its usage in different areas like hotels and restaurant, retail stores etc. This works as an alternative to cash and cards. Commercial sectors are very hopeful about the new invention as success is definite with the incorporation of the same.

Biometric scanner redirects the customer to their own account and through this, they can effectively carry out the transaction without paying cash or swiping credit/debit card. All the customer has to do is place their finger on the fingerprint scanner and authenticate themselves. After authentication, the billed amount will automatically deduct from the customer account and they are good to go. Hotel industries have been using this feature for long to avoid using credit cards of the customers on a daily basis. It is an effective and time-saving process as well.

Usage of Fingerprint Biometric System
At first, customers have to enter their details and get their fingerprint registered. This is where they can enjoy all the benefits of their account. Once their account is ready, there is no need to transact through cash or card.

Two ways are used mostly when it comes to biometric fingerprinting which are:
Prepayment: In this process, the customer needs to fill in cash in their account and the required amount is deducted on his shopping and fingerprint authentication.

Month-End Payment: The customer does the shopping taking the help of fingerprint and he pays the bill at the end of the month.

The advanced mechanism also supports sharing of biometric details to other associated businesses so that customers can use the profile elsewhere as well without requiring creating a new one. It has encouraged business houses to have a smooth and speedy process with satisfied dealing with customers. Customer loyalty has enhanced many folds with the integration of biometric POS billing system.

To summarize the effectiveness of biometric fingerprinting in POS billing system, it is comfortable to use and decreased the steps in the transaction process largely. It has also enhanced security feature by limiting card swiping in POS billing.

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