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Importance of Email and SMS Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

Email and SMS marketing are one of the most useful and low cost online tools to help your ecommerce get a faster return on investment. You just need to utilise it the way experts suggest. Read this blog to get detailed idea on it.


After launching a website, the first tools that come in our mind to promote the business is social media. Gradually, we get little matured and learn about SEO and then AdWords. But, during this phase most of the small and medium companies overlook or ignore the email and SMS marketing – one of the most powerful hacks to get more traffic and sales.


No, don’t get wry-mouthed! It’s a highly powerful online channel to tame your customers. It’s different that most of the websites forget the words “with great power, comes great responsibility” and misuse this tool. They keep bombarding email accounts of customers with latest offers, latest blogs, deals of the day and blah blah blah.


It’s very unprofessional to misapply the client’s consent to send them promotional mails. Rather utilise it properly to get more response.


As per experts at Cartface, email and SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and least expensive tools to reach your potential customers with your offerings and influence them to visit your website. However, it needs thoughtful strategy, careful utilisation of the tools and minute monitoring of the response rate.


What is the Primary Aim of SMS & Email Marketing?

The simplest answer for any marketing is just to increase sales! There shouldn’t be any argument on this topic. But, there are some other factors as well that you never should ignore.


Whether your app is installed in your customers mobile, or your website is bookmarked on their browser or not, people tend to forget about such websites very quickly. So, sending them an email into their mailbox or firing an SMS can give their brain a shake and remind them about your brand.


Also, it is a great way to get in touch with your customer and poke them politely to share their feedback, know their queries, ask about demands and so on.


Reputed brands use the customer data like their date of birth, marital status, locality they are from or they live in and so on to wish them birthday, anniversary and the festival greetings. It gives them a pleasure of ‘being premium’ which can increase the chances of getting adding a new loyal customer in your database.


Why It Is So Popular?

Ask any SEO expert about how to improve sales in your ecommerce and they will suggest you to start email marketing and SMS marketing as one of the top strategies. But, why not the others? Actually, it’s very low cost method and very easy to continue. You just need to take little burden to create several campaigns and set the conditions about when they should be fired.


There are several email campaign plugins which give you simple and efficient way to create and manage your campaigns.


Why My Campaign Isn’t Returning Good Result?

It’s a common complaint of new ecommerce. And in most of the cases the reason is poor content and layout, exaggerated and non-appealing subject line, wrong delivery time or over-use of the tool. Consult with any expert and let them create your email marketing campaigns and you can start getting the desired result.

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