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Importance of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

Unlike a local shop, ecommerce requires to invest on digital marketing to promote their website. But, is it necessary for all? What if you have the best offers for the best quality products? Read to know the answer.


As per an online survey report, 87% of new ecommerce fail to reach the breakeven point of their business in the first six months and almost 90% of those stops any activity on their site within the 1st year.


The development cost of a custom ecommerce site with necessary features isn’t negligible and thus, all these entrepreneurs have to bear a great loss. While in some cases the reason is improper features, functions, high price, poor quality products, huge shipping charge and others, the prime reason for all these is missing of a robust marketing strategy.


No, those tradition methods of television and FM ads don’t work good, as people are too lazy to type the URL on their browser. Also, loyal buyers don’t want to change their vendor – until you push your nose between those buyer and vendor anyhow.


Yes, digital marketing is the right tool to do it on behalf of you. But, if you think that sharing your website and products and offers in social sites is what they say digital marketing, you are totally moving on the wrong track. It’s a vast thing combining several online channels to find potential customers and reach your business to them – at the right time.


The biggest challenge here that most of the businesses face is competing with those giant shopping sites who spends in millions for their marketing and branding. For small and medium estores, it seems next to impossible to in leave these brands behind.


But, it’s not a Herculean task if you have the support of right digital marketing service. You can bypass those giant brands and reach a certain percentage of the open buyers. Don’t get upset with the word ‘certain percentage of buyers’, as the number isn’t too negligible in a country with 1.3 billion population.


There are several methods used by digital marketing executives to promote a website. But, depending upon the type of website, they change their strategy. Well, there are several other factors as well that one needs to keep in mind while designing a promotion plan and some of the most important ones are:

  • Target audience
  • Target area
  • Competitors
  • Keyword Competition
  • Type of product or service
  • Urgency
  • Budget


While most of the generic marketing plan focuses mostly on search engine optimisation (SEO), for shopping sites, our experts suggests not to rely completely on this plan. Definitely it gives you a stable position in the search engine result page and adds value to your domain, it’s too slow to bear the cost.


So, include other tools like social media marketing and AdWord campaigns. Though they have very little importance in organic promotion, they are very reliable methods to give your site a quick traffic which will indirectly benefit your domain.


However, for all these the thing that is common, is the professional implementation. Remember, all these steps are too serious and any immature activity can cause penalty by search engines. So, consult with any digital marketing expert and let them provide you with the best marketing scheme for your business.

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