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Identify the Top Sources Driving Traffic to your Website

So, you seem to have launched your own store online? What’s more? Of course there is a lot more expected from you since ecommerce involves simple to complex practices, that are aimed at gaining traffic and if you are not aware of them, nothing can help your store survive the massive competition that continues each and every second. Gaining traffic should be your key objective after all, this is the fuel that would not only help you survive but will let you gain huge revenue.

You can even prepare yourself for the worse. Yes! Wrong traffic. This can be a major issue. The wrong demographic can lead to futile results, which of course is not a favourable sign. There are various sources from where you can expect greater footfall.

First you have to identify if all the sources you have been using are generating equal traffic. Though it’s not possible, but you can give your efforts to almost equal the numbers. Some of the major sources for generating traffic are:

  • Blogging
  • Podcast launch
  • Investment in SEO
  • Exploring PPC strategies
  • Exploring Social Media strategies

The fact is, some of the digital marketing sources would generate greater quality traffic while the rest may not be fruitful enough to deliver expected results. A better way to understand this is, when you are able to identify the sources and the target audience. A wrong source may not only disappoint you with lower results buts can even have an impact upon your website. Paid ads, Facebook posts or profiles over LinkedIn, nothing would work out for you if you do not have a set plan for each of these social media tools.

So, you must be wondering if attracting such footfall is at all that hard. An oversized traffic has always been a good sign for any website, but the numbers have to be qualitative. Quantities don’t matter when there is a lack of quality. Drawing traffic is indeed a tough job and even being on the right track cannot help you gain traffic.

Popular sources of traffic

There are different sources for gaining traffic but you surely have to find out which one works for you. Also, it is important that you determine the type of traffic that is likely to be driven to your website.

Blogs: A research has shown that there are around 409 million viewers who view over 22.3 billion pages every month. WordPress users alone produce, say around 76.3 million fresh posts and generate millions of comments every month. If you are thinking of considering blogs to be your primary tool for attracting footfall, you would need to be a little purposeful with regards to your targeting. You need to set your target audience at first. So, while you are investing your time into blogging, consider the key points:

  • Identifying your quality customer base
  • Paving way for a new destination where your customer base would love to dig into.

Podcasts: When surveyed it has been found that around 60% of the audience is aware of the term. Around 40% of people who were surveyed had actually listened to some particular podcast. Your monthly or daily podcast listeners can signify the growth of your online presence.

Social media: Social media is one of the most sought after podiums through which store owners are able to drive traffic. You could opt from a wide range of social media podiums like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram and much more. Twitter and Facebook being the most used mediums, are targeted for social media campaigns.

Video: Online videos are becoming popular with each passing day. They are almost exploding in this digital arena. YouTube being the most recognised medium is resorted for its simplicity and efficacy. Today, billions of users click on to videos to get the intent of a content that an online store owner aims to reveal.


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