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How You Should Use Freebies to Attract More Sales?

Summary: To manage sales from both ends you need to devise a strategy that can help you grow your business. In this piece you will get to know about how to deal with that.

Scrooge Mc’Duck of Duck Tales once said in the cartoon series that even though he was the richest duck in Duckworth the most fascinating word that resonated in his ears was “free”. Certainly, as per psychological analysis the word “free” has been associated with a greater degree of receptivity. You are receptive the moment you hear that something has been availed for free. As a store owner or e-commerce business you can always have higher sales in mind followed by unprecedented traffic at the store. The pursuit can well be challenging but with freebies you can easily increase the numbers at your store.

How to carefully use the free sampling strategy to increase the sales at your store?

Incorporate Free Sampling Based on Purchases

In the initial stage you can go ahead with the free advertisement turning viral on your store but do not be stupid enough to give it from your own pocket. In the initial stage you can keep an earmarked fund for creating the brand perception and recognition but in the near future you cannot cope up with the burgeoning cost. So, to deal with this deadlock or dead-end you can easily keep the funds in progression and incentivize the customers from that fund. To cut the long story short you will have to use the money from the customers to give them benefit. It is simple you will have to bulk order and purchase raw materials if you are into manufacturing and retail at the same time. Whereas, if you are into just retail then bulk purchase can easily bring down the cost and the saving can be used to create perception about the brand. So, once the customer are able to breach a milestone that has been set keeping in mind the profit and operational capital, you can incentivize them with discounts. With such an approach you can easily expect more sales to count. Supposedly, if the customer is buying merchandize worth rupees 3000 and upon adding additional 2000 in the purchase they will get a discount of rupees 2,000, they will most likely feel like doing that way around.

Incorporate Subscription Based Sales

You very well know that you are limited by the resources and time and to achieve the pursuit of getting higher on the competitors list you need to use your customers for marketing. It is very simple as you can ask your present customer to go ahead and market your products in the competition. If they are able to bring traffic on your store through their sales gimmick and word-of-mouth-publicity, you can easily give those customers cash discounts, coupons and offers that will form the chain to help you sell more.

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