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How to use Cartface as customer service platform


Get an Active Back-End Set-Up for Administering Your Store

Evolution of technology has led to a life, much simplified. Like the way the advent of ecommerce stores has streamlined detailed processes involved in shopping, development of software technologies is helping get away shop management blues. Every day there is a new shop cropping up on the web. While the process may seem simple to you, but the underlying management activities are equally difficult to handle until and unless a professional is appointed for the task. In order to cut down on the expenses, company owners are resorting to customer service platforms.

The offerings of a quality customer service platform

If you go by its term, then all a customer service platform would remind you of is a mere podium through which you would be able to manage your customers, however the truth is much insightful. Basically this is a set up for store unit through which they can operate and control the following:

• Customers
• Orders
• Products
• Inventory
• Marketing

The unique set-up has been organized from CartFace, your one stop solution for seeking store management solutions.

This web platform is one of its kind. Doesn’t matter if you are a small scale or large scale business owner, if you want a backend set-up for your business through which you would be able to manage the entire unit, CartFace has it all. With the customer service platform, the entrepreneur is able to accomplish the following:

• Become an administrator
• view inventory
• edit inventory
• remove unnecessary details
• trigger automated notification through email/sms
• receive automated notification through email/sms
• administer entire automated accounting system
• customize report generation on buyers and products.

What happens to customer entries?

You can now find out who you target audience is by tracking the database through which you would be able to identify each customer. The invoice details are recorded in the customer service platform which directly helps you identify each buyer. Besides, you would also be able to recognize revisits, as customer entry details would let you know the name of the individual who has revisited your store. Alongside, this technology helps notify popular demands. So, if a particular product has an increasing demand you would be notified almost instantly.

This administrative set up is by far the most effective way of understanding your buyers. If you want them to come back all over again, you can keep a close eye on their requirements. This is also a quality platform through which you would be able to learn about customer queries and their complaints.

Cartface’s contribution in helping manage the inventory

This backend setup basically functions as a podium which is similar to a front end set up. Learn more about the available stock. This is an all-encompassing administering arrangement which keeps record of each product, its attributes and its availability. Besides, the products are well categorized through this well-known web facility.

How Cartface Backend Facility keeps your inventory updated

A successful entrepreneur will have a look into some of the key aspects of business management. One of them is inventory management. In order to stay updated about what is “inward” and what is going “outward”, you would definitely require a web managed setup like what Cartface offers. This administrating facility is basically designed to bring the elementary aspects to your notice. It has software to generate alerts and to notify on items which need to be supplied and items which are already there in store. The best part, before you are being alerted about a shortage in supply, the supplier himself gets updated on the requirement and immediately seeks needful measures.

Promotional offers

In order to attract customers you can send automated messages and mails on their contact number or email ids. It can be a product promotion or a discount you are offering on a product, with the message, your customers stay posted on the entire scenario. This also helps them coming back to your store at regular intervals.

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