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How To Tackle Revenue Losses with Google Analytics

Summary: You cannot afford to lose your customers for no apparent reason, in this piece, you will get to know about the ways that can help you deal with that.

e-Commerce realm has been known for its proactiveness and dynamism. On the e-commerce platform, the customers are always on the look out to understand new trends, adopt them in their daily lifestyle and better their lives. Now-a-days no one is willing to step out and hit a brick and mortar shop for their daily essential, rather, they pitch to go ahead with the plan of buying it over their mobile phones and laptop. Technological imperialism it is and we are the slaves.

But amidst all the chaos and competition, it will be hard to rule out the possibilities, competition and price flexibility followed by customization. To make your e-commerce store visible, you will have to comply with the whims and fancies of Google analytics. With the Google analytics, you can enchant the audience based on their demographics, use of technology, behavior, sessions on the internet and traffic sources. These aspects have been farfetched and known for their stimulus. In this blog you will come to know about Google analytics that you can try.

Purchase Vs. Non-Purchaser: A tough Dichotomy

You might have different audiences visiting your store and it is important that you have planned accordingly. In order to increase the conversion rate, you will have to deploy the right mechanism. In this model, you can assess and analyze the habit of both purchasers and non-purchasers and based on that you can plan out the next action.

Understanding what purchasers do will help you analyze what non-purchasers do and you can work upon changing that. Supposedly, if blogs have been witnessing maximum traffic and they are converting the visitors into sales, you need to provide necessary attention to the blogs. On the other hand, non-purchasers or frequent visitors who are visiting your web-store but abandoning it for some reasons, it is important that you understand those reasons. It might be because of the price or shipping charges, delivery. Understanding the reasons will always help you to get more with less efforts put forward.

One-time buyer vs. Multiple-Buyer: The Resource to Tap

Your store might experience different buying habits, there might be one time buyers or even multi-time buyers. Analyzing the habits of both these buyers will keep you strong in the competition. Why multi-buyers behave different at your store. What has been fueling this habit? Is it the discount, shipping or the product quality you offer? Understanding these stuffs will always help you to convert the one-time buyers into multi-time buyers. Dissentment is quite common but only with a positive approach you can tackle them.

So, keep in mind these aspects when you are selling online and accordingly plan your strategies.

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