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How to sell to offline Customers Without Discount Codes?

Summary: To sell your goods without spending money on it will easily increase the return on investment.

Once you are done with creating your own online store on the web, you are certain that it will harbor the business which you so much desire. But there are few items which require personalization, for example clothing and apparel, for such items it is hard to just stick to the online store. Going to small temporary pop-up store can come with a lot of benefits. But without the coupon codes, it will be tough to attract the customers. Here is how you can achieve this goal.

You might be eager to advertise on a wide array of medium like newspaper, magazine, brochure, pamphlets, billboards, flexes, behind the vehicles, but the challenge would be to assess the impact based out of such efforts. How to attract the offline customers on the online store.

Custom Landing Page

It is important to note that when you want to direct the audience through your offline campaign, you need to customize the landing pages. When you are creating a custom-oriented landing page, it is essential that you have placed the ads on relevant platform to attract the customers. You cannot go with the coupon codes since it will be a pressure on your financial status. But with the placement of ads on relevant platform, you can attract the customers.

Precautions to be Taken While Attracting Offline Customers

Short URLs: Your customer could be anywhere, on the street, by the side of the alley, or at a departmental store, you must understand that most of the customers are not willing to type long URLs. When you have customized the URL, it will have a better impact on the customers.

Logging the URL: You need to log the URLs with which you have broadcasted the ad. To track your customers easily and without making them feel the hassle of it, it is important that you have customized the URLs in the right way so that it will comply with different ads and never confuse the customers.

Meta Tags: Adding meta-tags could bring a lot of incentives to the store. When you have categorized the pages based on the meta-tags, it will help generate maximum searches.

Phone Number: When you are catering to the outside audience, you need to think from their perspective. They might have gone for offline medium due to some reason, when you include the phone number with the advertising, it can help convert the customers easily.

Redirect Domains

You want to redirect the customers to your store without spending any money on it. You can do so with domain directing ads. If you are running a chauffeur business, you can advertise the campaign on the cars which have been serving the customers within the vicinity of the operation.

Memorable Domains:  The customers on the roads will remember your website only when it is striking in nature. Catchy URLs can easily attract the customers. This way a prospective customer who has seen your ads on different medium might land at the store.

Website Duplication: Do not stick to unethical practices. You must create different website content for different pages and on different platform, it will help Google to better rank your pages and generate returns.

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