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How To Power-up Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Summary: Few mistakes in your email marketing campaign can ruin the Return on Investment. In this piece, you will get to know how to avoid the common mistakes instantly.

With an average of 294 billion mails sent on a daily basis, it is most likely that you will wake up with a mail in your inbox. But if you have been solely depending on the marketing to generate the revenue through mails, in that case, your mail marketing strategy should be upbeat and innovative. In this blog, as an e-commerce solution provider, you would wish to enroll as many as you can have customers in your project pipeline. You will get to know how to deal with that when you are racing ahead with an effective email marketing strategy.

Mistakes to Avoid

You need to understand that if you are relying to a larger extent on the email marketing, it has to have a proper structuring and avoidance of common errors which will make the exercise futile. Let’s discuss few common mistakes which you must avoid in all probabilities.

No Reply Domain

Often the email marketers are sending the mails from a no-reply domain or auto-reply domain. In case of no-reply domain, the situation is bizarre and don not expect a reply from the customers end. Whereas, if you go one notch higher and send it through an auto-reply mode, in that case also, you ain’t in a position to get any lead conversion. You have to be interpersonal and always willing to solve the queries of the customers. With a dedicated email marketing team, the pursuit can be well achieved. Interpersonal communication is the essence of marketing and with that only you can lead in the competition.

Sending Only Image Based Mails

It is a universal truth that pictures appeal more as compared to texts. But these days due to unavoidable circumstances and sleazy mails sent, the users have been cautious to keep the image option turned inactive. During such times, if you have been sending only image oriented mails, it will not open, or even if it opens then with a blank display. This will render your email campaign ineffective. Most of the email marketers have been resorting to this trend. But you can be the exception and start with custom templates with both image and text. In the custom templates, you can add the image as an optional alternative to get more details about the product and the store.

No Reference of the Website

Email marketing is based on the trust. If you have been sending the mails to the prospective customers without mentioning anything about your own website, it will leave little or no impression. In the mail body, you should include the URL of your website. The clients must be able to take the tour at your website easily with the links mentioned in the mail.

Compatible Optimization

Optimizing the mails to be accessed on every electronic device will have a much better touch. If you have included the URLs of the website, it should be customized in such a way that accessibility on multiple platform can be facilitated. With all these aspects paid heed to in the first place, you can go ahead with an effective email marketing campaign.

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