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How To Power-Up Your e-Commerce Email Campaign—Two Reliable Hunches

Summary: If you wish to always fascinate your customers to buy the product that you like then it should be done through a power packed email marketing campaign and this piece can help you out in this pursuit.

Data driven marketing would be the new trend that will define the new dawn of digital marketing in the near future. Most of the enterprises have been reliant on the data mining and data analytics. With the purchase of the data from the data miners these businesses are riding the development wagon that will take them into the competition and help them come out with flying colors. But amid all the cut-throats and marketing mantra the only dead end that most market pundits are coming across is how to make the email campaign proactive. It is certainly a tough nut to crack but you can ride on the wagon that will take you closer to revenue and expansion when you fuel it with the following emailing gimmicks.

One-Two Punch

It is like an endless sea of possibilities where you can row your boat as long as you want. In the one-two punch you tend to get altogether new definition of equipping your email campaign with a farsighted approach. It is much more productive then your regular Facebook ad campaign. In this campaign you will additional purchases drawn over a period of time. In case of Facebook Ad, if the rate of the acquisition is US$ 45 for every customer acquisition. While running an ad on Facebook might cost you a lot of green-bucks with a data mining campaign done by one-two punch you are up ahead and moving. It is as simple as a child’s play. You get to grab the data based on which you can base your future sales.

In this strategy the one-two punch campaign will analyze the customer data and based on their traits, habits and preferences a mail campaign will be generated and sent. For example, if a particular demographic of the audience has been buying the gaming consoles but upon the expiration of the time period they don’t buy at all. If you can draft a good email campaign where they will get benefits associated with the purchases it will not be a far—fetched approach and you can easily delve into the possibilities and make hope out of a hopeless situation.

Bounce Back

Cross selling is something that you can easily see everywhere. Like when you step into the mall and after your purchases you are at the billing counter which has been decorated with some damn cool cookies and chocolates. Even though you might not have made up your mind in the first place to buy that cookie or a chocolate but the offer is such that it is hard to deny it. This is where cross selling works in the best possible manner. You can do the same at your online store with attractive check-outs in the form of discounts. You have data in hand that you can exploit to help you tap revenue. This data can be used to inform the existing customers about an additional product that they can own at a lower price. As they will get attractive discounts, it will help them to make up the mind to take up the investment.

These are few tools on which you can bank upon if you wish to power-up your email marketing campaign.

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