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How to Make Your Subject Lines Catchy?

Summary: To keep your marketing and sales rolling, you need to plan your subject lines in the best possible way.

For making your digital or online marketing strong, you have to bring about a sense of inquisitiveness with every email that has been shot at the clients. Most of the times the subject line of the email can decide whether or not the client will be intimidated to open the email or not. If you go with the facts 33% of the recipients take the decisive call towards an email shot based on the subject line. If you are using the email marketing to expand and promote your business, at any point of time you will not like to overlook on the subject lines. Here’s how you can write fiery subject lines which can compel the recipient to open your email.

Keep it Simple and Sober

You have to step forth in a way which can leave the best impression on the recipient. With many of the recipients attuned to mobile devices for communication and professional purpose, you cannot proceed with big subject lines. When you have used big subject lines it will hardly be read on the device. Be clear and compact with the subject lines. Do not go for over exaggeration.

Use a Simple Name

Keep good names with which you can send the mails. Most of the mails which are sent end up in the spam folder, but with smart names will have an impact certainly. You don’t prefer to talk to an auto generated reply. Similarly, if you have used names which can invoke the desire, it will have a better impact.

Make it Personal

Person loves to hear their own name.  In the subject line, you can address the offer with the names. If you write for example, Mr. Smith we have an exciting offer for you. It is certain that the person would be intimated to open the email. Even you can go forward with personalization. With personal mails, it will have a much soothing impact.


Go ahead with segmentation. There might be different recipient with different tastes and you must cater to them differently. For example, if you are sending the restaurant menu comprising of non-vegetarian menu to vegetarian customers, you are certainly pissing the customer away and in all probability, he/she would not be willing to stick with the brand anytime soon.

Keep all these basics in mind and keep your marketing on the front foot.

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