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How To Make Your Category Pages Subservient to Google Algorithms?

Summary: To make your category pages in such a manner where they can witness maximum hits, it must pass the test of categorization. In this piece, you will get to know how to accomplish that.

Adding categories with the main product and educating the prospective consumers about the product and its related product benefits can always keep you ahead in the competition. If you have been planning your SEO strategy, you have to think from the perspective of the consumers. As consumers are always looking forward to straightway categorization and when want a specific product for purchase, they require a model where it is possible to straightway jump to the product of their choice. This can only happen when you have optimized the category page in such a manner. In this piece, you will come to know about the quick ways with which you can optimize the category pages in such a way that they turn SEO friendly.

Facilitate Quick Look

With more and more businesses turning online, the competition has hit the fray harder. If you are going with SEO-friendly JavaScript, it will certainly reflect on the search of that product. To make your website for optimized view, you need to add the static product description in the source code for the search engines to easily find out your store online. It is important that your description should be in between 50-150 words. At the same time, it is a cautious call to note that internal linking has been limited to not more than 5 links in the product description. At the time of loading the products in the default view, it must be seen that limitation has been practiced. With more products added, it will be difficult for the search engines to pick your website from the long list of the stores available who have adhered to the requirements put forward by Google.

Category Specific Content

At the time of creating the category pages, you as a store owner have to understand that customers are wishing to read about that specific product mentioned in the category. If you speak about the main product category in the specific sub category, it will lead to visitor attrition. Suppose, if you are selling Apple phones and you have talked about the Apple phone in its accessory category page, it will leave no impact on the customers. It might call for additional investment to get the content written on the accessories of Apple but it will certainly help the business in the long run.

User Generated Content

You can add value to your category pages by including the provision for reviews by the customers. When you have done that, it will help the customers to know more about the efficiency of the product. In this way, they are in a better place to judge the effectiveness of the product and opt for the purchase. When you have done this in your website, it will have a much better impact on the SEO and Google bots will certainly pick your store for the relevant keywords typed for.

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